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The Electric VTOL News™ highlights the incredible promise and progress of electric and hybrid-electric powered vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, focusing on non-helicopter VTOL aircraft large enough to carry passengers without conventional helicopter flight controls (though eHelos are now listed as well). Electric propulsion throws open the VTOL aircraft design space by harnessing concepts such as distributed electric propulsion (DEP) as well as facilitating new approaches to wingborne VTOL.

The Electric VTOL News™ is published by the Vertical Flight Society. Founded as the American Helicopter Society (AHS) in 1943, VFS is the world’s oldest and largest VTOL technical organization. In January 2019, VFS hosted the 6th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium — the world’s largest and longest-running eVTOL conference.

Here you can read our news stories, learn about the different aircraft being developed and the new enabling technologies such as motors and batteries, find out about applications like the Uber Elevate ecosystem, Urban Air Mobility and the NASA UAM Grand Challenge, or check out our social media and other resources available for those tracking or learning about eVTOL, including a timeline, world map and ways to sort through our World eVTOL Directory — we currently have 150+ eVTOL aircraft listed! And check out our upcoming events and resources from past events.

We also have some 50 hours of presentations on eVTOL aircraft and technology in our video library, including a six-hour “Short Course on eVTOL Technology,” taught by four leading eVTOL technology experts.

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The Electric VTOL News™ is produced by The Vertical Flight Society:

This website was started in April 2017 and is the oldest and most comprehensive compendium of eVTOL News and information in the world.

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