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The preliminary design for the Mamba

University of Kansas Mamba

Mamba  University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas, USA The Mamba is a hexcopter emphasizing safety, certifiability, and performance. Shrouded rotors and a tilting empennage are incorporated. On June 14, 2018, it was selected as a Phase 1 winner of the GoFly competition. Resources: Search posts News Release: GoFly Winners, GoFly, June 14, 2018 Article: Boeing’s $2 Million Challenge to Make the Sky Fun Again—With ‘Flying Motorbikes’, Wired, June 14, 2018 Article: Boeing Asked for Quiet Jetpacks and Got a Bunch of Air Motorcycles, Bloomberg, June 14, 2018 Article: Contest Aims to Lift Personal Flying Machines Off the Page, The New York Times, June 14, 2018 Article: Here are the Finalists for Boeing’s $2 million ‘Personal Flying Device’ Contest, The Verge, June 14, 2018 Article: Meet the Mad Geniuses Building Personal Flying Machines, Fast Company, June 14, 2018 Article: Team KU Advances in Boeing’s Global Personal Aircraft Design Contest, Kansas Public Radio, June 14, 2018 Tags: Kansas, GoFly, Hover Bikes/Devices

Hover Bikes/Devices

Hover Bikes The following eVTOL aircraft are considered to be in the general class of “hover bikes,” with the primary differentiation being that the pilot sits on a saddle. Bay Zoltán Flike Davinci ZeroG Flyt Aerospace FlytCycle Gravity X Hero Flyer HoverSurf Drone Taxi R-1 HoverSurf Scorpion Kalashnikov (unnamed) Kitty Hawk Flyer (defunct prototype) Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike NASA Puffin Neva Aerospace AirQuadOne GoFly Personal Flying Devices With the GoFly Prize competition, a large number of single-person electric and hybrid/electric personal flying devices are expected to be unveiled in 2018. So far, this list includes: Aeroxo ERA Aviabike* Georgia Tech HummingBuzz* Leap Vantage* Penn State University Blue Sparrow* Ray Research Dart Flyer Scoop Pegasus 1* Silverwing S1* teTra teTra 3* Texas A&M University Harmony* Trek Aerospace FlyKart 2* University of Kansas Mamba* * – indicates Phase 1 winner Hobbyist Personal Flying Devices Colin Furze Hoverbike The Real Life Guys Flying Bathtub (Updated July 2, 2018) Not what you’re looking for? Check out all eVTOL