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Napoleon Aero VTOL

Napoleon Aero VTOL Napoleon Aero Russia The Napoleon Aero VTOL uses 46 electric fans embedded in the wing and canard, with a single electric motor powering a thrusting propeller in the rear. Six fans are embedded in the canard and 20 on each side of the wing. According to company, the cost of operating an electric VTOL aircraft with separate propulsion systems for lift and cruise “is significantly lower than a convertiplane or a helicopter. Moving 1 kg of cargo 1 km with the new device will be about 2.5 times cheaper than a helicopter,” the company said to “Izvestia” in Dec. 2017. The company says that the four-seater would be able to fly a distance of 100 km on a single charge. The company says that the aircraft is targeted as an air taxi, and could also deliver people and cargo to unprepared sites. “If resources are available, we will be ready in three years to present the car for certification tests. A little more than two years will be required for certification by [Russian] Interstate Aviation Committee,” the company told “Izvestia“. Napoleon Aero VTOL characteristics (updated December 2017) Resources Search eVTOL news posts Article with graphics: In Russia, a unique electric plane with vertical take-off,, December 1, 2017 Article with video: Taxi with vertical take-off, Izvestia, December 1, 2017 Tags: Napoleon, Lift + Cruise

eVTOL Aircraft

The following companies are known to be developing electric VTOL aircraft: A³ Vahana aeroG Aviation aG-4 AeroMobil 5.0 Airbus Helicopters CityAirbus AirisOne AirspaceX MOBi Alauda Airspeeder ASTRO/Passenger Drone Aurora Flight Sciences eVTOL Aurora Flight Sciences LightningStrike Autonomous Flight Y6S Avianovations Hepard Bartini Flying Car Bell Air Taxi Boeing Cargo Aerial Vehicle Carter Aviation CarterCopter Cartivator SkyDrive Davinci ZeroG Dekatone (unnamed) DeLorean Aerospace DR-7 Digi Robotics DroFire Digi Robotics Droxi Dufour aEro2 EAC Whisper EHang 184 Embraer (unnamed) EVA X01 Flexcraft (unnamed) Flike Flyt Aerospace FlytCycle Gravity X HopFlyt Venturi HoverSurf Drone Taxi R-1 HoverSurf Formula HoverSurf Scorpion JAXA Hornisse 2B Jetoptera J2000 Jetpack Aviation (unnamed) Joby Aviation S4 Kalashnikov (unnamed) Karem Butterfly KARI PAV Kármán XK-1 Kitty Hawk Cora Kitty Hawk Flyer Kitty Hawk Flyer (prototype) Lilium Jet Malloy Hoverbike Moller Skycar M400 Napoleon Aero VTOL Neoptera eOpter Neva Aerospace AirQuadOne PAVX PAV-UL Ultralight Piasecki eVTOL Pipistrel (unnamed) PteroDynamics Transwing Pop.Up Next Ray Research Dart Flyer Ray Research VTOL Aircraft Sabrewing Draco-2 Sikorsky VERT SKYLYS Aircraft AO Skypod Aerospace Skypod Starling Jet Supervolant Pegasus Terrafugia TF-2 Uber eCRM Urban Aeronautics CityHawk VerdeGo Aero PAT200 Vertiia Vickers WAVE eVTOL Vimana (unnamed) Volocopter VC200 / 2X VRCO NeoXCraft VTOL Aviation Abhiyaan Workhorse SureFly XTI Aircraft Trifan 600 Zee Aero Z-P2 Zenith Altitude EOPA (updated June 11, 2018)

Lift + Cruise

Lift + Cruise Completely independent thrusters used for cruise as for lift: AeroMobil 5.0 Aergility ATLIS Aurora Flight Sciences eVTOL EAC Whisper Embraer DreamMaker Flexcraft (unnamed) HoverSurf Formula Kitty Hawk Cora Napoleon Aero VTOL Pipistrel (unnamed) Ray Research VTOL Aircraft Terrafugia TF-2 Lift + Push Urban Aeronautics CityHawk Zee Aero Z-P2 Not what you’re looking for? Check out all eVTOL