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Dufour aEro 2 in the Alps

Dufour Unveils electric VTOL tiltwing

On March 7, 2018, Zurich, Switzerland-based Dufour Aerospace announced the development of its latest aircraft, the aEro 2. Building on the success of its aEro 1 fully-electric aerobatic plane — which first flew in June 2016 — the aEro 2 is a modular hybrid-electric VTOL. The two-seat Dufour aEro 2 tiltwing is designed to cruise at speeds of up to 173 kt (320 km/h) in wingborne flight. In its fully electric configuration, the aEro 2 has a range of 65 nm (120 km) but an optional auxiliary power unit can be fitted in a hybrid configuration to extend the range up to a total of 430 nm (800 km). Dufour said its aEro 2 will be more than five times faster than a car but at the same cost per distance. The company said that it evaluated numerous concepts, particularly tilt-wing and tilt-rotor approaches. By December 2017, Dufour had flown scale models of its aEro 2 tiltwing for 20 hours in real flight conditions in all configurations. The company said it plans to fly a one-third scale model in real flight conditions this October, finalize the design after CFD simulation results, and begin fabrication and assembly late next year. Daedalean, a Zürich-based startup, will be tapped to develop fully autonomous operation of aEro 2.

Dufour aEro 2 in the Alps

Dufour aEro 2

aEro 2 Dufour Aerospace Visp, Switzerland Dufour Aerospace announced on March 7, 2018 that it was developing a tilt-wing eVTOL called the “aEro2.” The company stated that the aEro2 would build on the success of its aEro 1 electric CTOL aerobatic plane. The eVTOL aEro2 will use a modular hybrid-electric power system. The company says “Our aircraft uses a proven tilt-wing design concept which keeps the wings constantly under airflow and therefore offers outstanding stability and control even in very slow flight. An efficient tail fan provides pitch control in hover flight and ensures that aEro 2 is robust against changes in center of gravity and gusty conditions.” “Four motors (two on each side) provide redundancy, with each motor temporarily able to provide twice the power to keep full hover capacity in case of a failure. The laminar airflow around the wing makes it less vulnerable to vortex ring state, strong wind and gust conditions in hover than any other aircraft.” The winged design of aEro 2 ensures if that any rotors fail, the aircraft can land on an airfield. The company’s aEro 1 eCTOL aircraft was started in March 2015 and first flew in June 2016. It began the first conceptual designs of aEro 2 in Sept. 2016. In Dec. 2017, the company began testing different concepts (especially tilt-wing and tilt-rotor) and the first model prototypes to simulate different steering and flying configurations. By March 2018, Dufour the company had tested different scale models for a total of 20 flight hours in real flight conditions in all configurations. In Jan. 2018, the company flew a full flight simulation of the full-scale aircraft in the simulator. The full-scale configuration of the aircraft had with all the basic parameters, like weights, balance, aerodynamic profiles, power and RPM settings. In Oct. 2018, the company plans to conduct the first flights with a one-third scale aircraft. The company will also have the final CFD simulation results to freeze the design. Dufour would like to have a working prototype by spring of 2019. Characteristics (March 2018) 320 km/h speed cruise Hover Performance at 2,000 m at ISA +20 deg C. 2 seats optional piloted hybrid or fully electric range 800 km in hybrid mode and 120 km in full electric mode low noise profile and low downwash profile makes it best in class for Urban Air Transport and operation in populated areas Resources: Search eVTOL news posts  Dufour website Article: Dufour Aerospace announces aEro 2 hybrid eVTOL aircraft, Vertical Magazine, March 7, 2018 Podcast: Dufour Aerospace Co-Founder Thomas Pfammatter on the aEro2 VTOL Electric Aircraft, Aerospace Engineering Blog, July 10, 2018 Tags: Dufour, Vectored Thrust

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