aG-4 eVTOL
aeroG Aviation LLC
Woodland Park, New Jersey, USA

The aG-4 is a concept aircraft, first initiated by a group of STEM students, which will use twin turbine engines for four adjustable rotors and rotating exhaust nozzles for transporting cargo and passengers.

The aG-4 will use two 1,000 hp turbine engines to generate electric power for the rotors while the engine’s exhaust through rotating nozzles on either side of the fuselage would vector the thrust in vertical takeoff, transition and cruise modes. In addition to the lift produced by the ducts, the aircraft is designed as a lifting body. The aircraft would fly autonomously.

It would also utilize three OLED screens that display images taken from the exterior of the fuselage, binding the passenger’s sense of sight and imagination with the illusion of a glass cabin.

The goal of the development team was to create an aircraft that can serve aviation customers and cargo deliverers who need vertical takeoff and landing and want the high-end performance of a small jet or turboprop aircraft.

The research for this aircraft design was first initiated by a group of STEM students at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. The team completed research to design and build a small scale cargo UAV. The general shape and body dimensions of the UV-4 V/STOL UAV were the guidelines for the aG-4.

In 2018, aeroG Aviation completed the design and specifications for its manned passenger aircraft.

Currently, the small startup research company is searching for professional partnerships to further develop this aircraft into the contemporary and upcoming eVTOL marketplace. The future goals of the company are to achieve a partnership with an aircraft manufacturer, achieve airworthiness certification for the aG-4, and successfully build and test the world’s first mid-size eVTOL passenger rotorcraft.

aeroG Aviation aG-4 Characteristics (as of May 2018)

  • Passengers: 10 + 2 crew
  • Entrance: Located at the rear of the aircraft for loading and unloading of passengers and crew
  • Power Plant: 2 x 1000 shp Jet-A Powered Motor / 2 x Electric Powered Motor / 2 x Generators / 2 x Inverters
  • Length: 41.12 ft
  • Wingspan: 48.55 ft
  • Size of Rear Door: 32.6 sq. ft.
  • Passenger Cabin Length: 11.15 ft
  • Passenger Cabin Width: 13.38 ft
  • Height of Aircraft: 17.55 ft
  • Size of Rear Props: 3.50 ft
  • Size of Front Props: 2.96 ft



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