AeroMobil 5.0
Bratislava, Slovakia

Flying car company AeroMobil announced plans for its 4-seat eVTOL on March 21, 2018.

“AeroMobil is an advanced engineering company that is commercializing a sophisticated flying car, combining real car and an aircraft in a single vehicle. AeroMobil aims to make personal transportation vastly more efficient and environmentally friendly by helping to overcome traffic jams in large areas and by allowing significantly faster door-to-door travel for medium distances or in areas with limited road infrastructure. Starting with a first commercial product now the ultimate future vision of the company is to offer Mobility as a Service using the best from the combination of the car, the plane and the computer.”

“AeroMobil aims to lead the industry with the most comprehensive door-to-door flying car solution covering the first-to-last mile in all weather conditions, for short, medium and longer distances up to 700km [435 miles] in a single journey.”

“The multi-product strategy means we can provide urban travel with the AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL and intra-city travel with the AeroMobil 4.0 STOL. Our strategy solves the limitations of alternative VTOL concepts which are tied to dedicated landing pods rather than also using the existing road infrastructure,” said Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil.

“The AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL concept has two electrically driven rotors to ensure safe vertical take-off with horizontal thrust being provided by an electric powered rear mounted pusher propeller. It will seat four passengers providing similar comfort and user experience as next generation electric vehicles. Each occupant will have access to a personalised inflight experience, with flight or drive data and advanced communications and media to ensure occupants stay connected while in the air or on the road.”

Key Features of AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL

  1. Vertical take-off and lift assistance motors on the tips of the wings for expanded flight performance and quality
  2. Adaptive wings that ensure maximum efficiency in flight, improving safety and maximising electric range
  3. Rear extension and control surface for enhanced flight control, stability and in-flight comfort
  4. Adaptive suspension geometry for smooth landing and take-off improving occupant comfort
  5. Battery package and drivetrain optimisation for fleet use to maximise utilisation in both urban and inter-urban use cases



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