Alaudia Airspeeder


Alauda Racing was born with the goal to rapidly accelerate development of electric flying vehicles by placing them in a competitive environment.

The first test flight is planned for 2018. Alauda hopes the first ever Airspeeder World Championship will be held by 2020, where racers from different manufacturers will compete against each other.

A top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) is expected.

Airspeeder Characteristics (updated December 2017)

Top speed 250 km/h 155 mph
Frame aerospace aluminum
Body carbon fiber composite
Rotors 4
Motor type 50-kilowatt custom brushless
Weight 120 kg 265 lb
Power-to-weight ratio 1.66
Battery type lithium ion cells
Battery life 10 minutes (initial goal)



AlaudaWingless (Multicopter)Scaled Prototype1 PassengerElectric/Batteries, Piloted