The Volta in flight

Pompertuzat, France

Volta is an all-electric helicopter developed by the French company Aquinea and the French National School of Civil Aviation. Its first test flight was on February 17, 2016, and has since expanded its flight time to just over 15 minutes. The helicopter’s frame was based on the Microcopter MC1, an ultralight helicopter designed by Mariano Cordorniu. The motors are produced by Enstroj, the major difference between the Volta and the MC1.

Volta Side View
Volta side view
The Volta in flight
The Volta in flight
The cockpit of the Volta
The cockpit of the Volta


Passengers 4
24.6 ft
7.5 m
5.6 ft
1.7 m
7.7 ft
2.35 m
Blade Span
23 ft
7 m
Weight 924 lbs 420 kg
Maximum Take Off Weight 1144 lb 520 kg
Proposed Max Flight Time
40 min
Max Motor Horsepower
122 hp 90 kW
Continous Motor Horsepower
95 hp 70 kW
Battery Energy
22 kWh



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