Assen A1 mockup

Assen Aeronautics
Miami, Florida, USA

The Assen Aeronautics A1 is a hybrid electric personal flying device, created by founder and CEO Assen Andonov. The working prototype took two and half years to produce, and is now being tested at the companies south Florida facilities. The company aims to stage its first technology demonstration in 2019, including multiple races.

Assen A1 mockup
Assen A1 mockup
Assen A1 mockup flying
Assen A1 mockup flying
Assen A1 prototype
Assen A1 prototype


Max Speed 54.74 kts 101.4 kg
Ceiling at gross weight 4000 ft 1219.2 m (density altitude)
Width 106 in 2.7 m
Length 120 in 3 m
Weight as shown 114 lbs 51.7 kg
Max Gross weight 463 lbs 210 kg
Propulsion Electric Motors
Power 57 kW
Max Continuous Thrust 600 lbs 272.1 kg
Max Thrust 2 min limit 720 Lbs 326.6 kg
Max sustained bank angle 40 degrees
Max bank angle for 10 sec 50 degrees
Energy Source: Batteries/Hybrid drive
Battery Capacity 12.8 kWh
Endurance on Batteries 20 min
Battery Charging time 40 min
Endurance on Gasoline 55 min
Gas tank Capacity 4.9 Gallons 18.5 liters



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