EAC Whisper Featured Image

Electric Aircraft Concept
Caromb, France

The Electric Aircraft Concept (EAC) Whisper is an 8-engine, 8-rotor, two-seater electric rotorcraft which was unveiled at the Aero 2017 show in Friedrichshafen – Germany.

Safety, low noise, performance, ease of control, and maintenance cost reduction are the tenants of this concept. The company plans to move towards manufacture and marketing within two years, with the goal to sell ten machines in 2020, twenty in 2021, and forty in 2022. The target buyer will be international private clientele, which will also offered after-sales services.

Current flight time is up to thirty minutes, but it’s expected to be increased with future battery technology. An emergency parachute is part of the concept, however it will also be possible to land in the case of a single rotor failure.

EAC Whisper Characteristics (updated April 2018)

Expected price, excluding tax 150,000-180,000 Euros 180,000-220,000 U.S. Dollars
Expected availability 2020
Engines 8 electric
Rotors 8 fixed pitch
Seating capacity 2, including pilot
Flight time 30 minutes, with improvements expected


EACLift + CruiseScaled Prototype2 PassengersElectric/Batteries, Piloted