Electric Jet Aircraft
Anderson, Indiana, USA

The EJ-1 was a submission for Boeing’s GoFly prize, which built off of 11 years of development by Electric Jet Aircraft on a gas-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) concept.

The jetpack has a base weight of 31 kg. With a thrust of 178 kg it can lift a pilot of up to 131 kg (300 lbs) for 2-14 minutes depending on their weight. It is a hybrid system that includes two 96vLiPo batteries. Roll is controlled and balanced by a computer, but forward, reverse, and yaw maneuvers are manually controlled.

The EJ-1 comes in a quick-build kit, and costs $19,995.00.

EJ-1 Prototype
EJ-1 Prototype
EJ-1 flight test
EJ-1 flight test

Construction Specifications:

Weight 69 lb 31.3 kg
Height 43 in. 1.09 m
Length 46 in. 1.17 m
Width overall 99 in. 2.51 m
Duct Materials
Carbon Fiber
Propeller Materials
CF over wood core
Frame Materials Aluminum and Titanium
Batteries 2x 96V LiPo

Performance Specifications:

Maximum Thrust 394 lbs 178.7 kg
Maximum Payload 300 lbs 136.1 kg
Average Flight Time 2 minutes
Maximum Flight TIme 14 minutes
Estimated Top Speed
39.1 kts 72.4 km/h
Noise Level at 50 feet <70 dB


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