Embraer DreamMaker Featured Image

Embraer, S.A.
São Paulo, Brazil

Embraer was announced as an Uber Partner at the April 2017 Elevate Summit, but no details were released. In December 2017, however, a few details were revealed: The electric flying taxi service that Embraer SA is working on with Uber is ‘likely’ to launch in 2024 or so, the CEO of Embraer Paulo Cesar de Souza has been quoted as saying…It should also be noted here that the new comments add a year to the launch date — earlier comments from involved parties had placed the launch sometime in 2023.”

“Engineers are projecting one-tonne vehicles transporting a pilot and 4 passengers at an altitude of 800 to 1,000 meters (2,600-3,300 feet), Souza said. The aircraft is to be powered by batteries that can charge in as little as 5 minutes between flights…”

On May 8, at the second Uber Elevate Summit, Embraer released artist’s concepts of their eVTOL Air Taxi (shown), reportedly dubbed “DreamMaker.”

The eVTOL concept presented at Uber Elevate 2018 represents an aircraft with a mission to serve passengers in an urban environment. Embraer X Photo
Embraer DreamMaker Featured Image
Embraer DreamMaker mockup in flight



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