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Drone Taxi R-1

Hoversurf has introduced a concept for a single-seat “flying taxi” with upward-stowable wings. Its hybrid propulsion system design uses a charging station and standard gasoline.

The Drone Taxi is a growth version of Hoversurf’s single-seat electric Scorpion-3 hoverbike. The company has been developing its hoverbikes since 2015. Instead of all-electric, however, the Drone Taxi uses a free-piston engine (FPE) for electrical power generation.

Hoversurf says it expects its first commercial drone taxi operation to be launched in 2018. The company promotes its Drone Taxi thus:

  • Parking: take off and landing from a standard automobile parking space.
  • Fuel: fill at an everyday gas station with a hybrid powerplant FPE or electric charging stations with a standard battery.
  • Automatic flight control system.]




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