Hampton, Virginia, USA

The Puffin is a tail-sitting personal flying device that was created by NASA researcher Mark Moore. The design was announced in November 2009, and the first scaled prototype took flight in February 2010. The Puffin was one of the first planned eVTOL, inspiring countless other designs down the road.


Height 12 ft 3.7 m
Wingspan 14.5 ft 4.4 m
Rotor Diameter 7.5 ft 2.2 m
Maximum takeoff weight 600 lb 272 kg
Empty Weight (w/o batteries) 300 lb 136 kg
Battery Weight
100 lb 45 kg
Pilot or Payload Maximum Weight 200 lb 91 kg
2x 60-horsepower electric motors
Maximum altitude 30,000 ft
Max Velocity
150 mph 241 kph
Range at max payload
50 mi
80 km
Nasa Puffin Mockup
NASA Puffin mock-up
NASA Puffin landed mock-up
NASA Puffin takeoff
A Fleet of NASA Puffin
A fleet of NASA Puffin



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