Snowstorm in flight

National University of Singapore
Queenstown, Singapore

The Snowstorm multirotor eVTOL was created by a team of students at the National University of Singapore (NUS). It is composed of a hexagonal aluminum frame, carbon fiber plates, kevlar ropes, and rubber landing gear to ensure a safe flight. Additionally, the team used 3D printing when a specific fit was needed.

The team started with a one-sixth size prototype, then moved to a full-scale flight test in December 2015. The team hopes to release the project to the general public, allowing for it to be one of the first air taxis.

Snowstorm team
Snowstorm team
Snowstorm in flight
Snowstorm in flight (Photography by Lionel Lin)
Proposed Specifications
Passengers 1
Flight Time 5 min
Maximum Payload
75 kg
(165.35 lbs)
Propulsion 24 Electric Motors
Motor Power
2.2 kW
(2.95 hp)
Propeller Diameter 0.76 m (2.49 ft)
Energy Source 3 Lithium Batteries
Battery Power 52.8 kW (70.81 hp)



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