Passenger Drone
Astro Aeronautics
(Location unknown)

Passenger Drone is an autonomous eVTOL transport vehicle which can transport 2 passengers. It’s designed to be quiet, with zero emissions and very little vibration. The Passenger Drone has adaptive flight control for automatic compensation even in severe weather conditions. 16 individual rotors ensure outstanding performance and safety. Fiber optics throughout the craft offers reduced weight over traditional wires, with zero magnetic interference. A touchscreen interface allows passengers to input their destination quickly, and to fly there without the use of manual controls.

The aircraft commenced flight testing in early May 2017 and then spent several months performing intensive testing with different simulated payload weights, simulated engine failures and different control modes. In August 2017 first manned flights with passengers onboard took place. Photos of the aircraft show versions with landing gear and skids.

On May 8, 2018, Astro Aerospace announced that it had acquired the company; the vehicle is now referred to as ASTRO. The CEO is Bruce Bent.

Passenger Drone Characteristics (updated November 2017)

Empty Weight (including batteries) 240 kg 520 lbs
Maximum Take-Off Weight 360 kg 800 lbs
Maximum Thrust 560 kg 1230 lbs
Maximum Payload 120 kg 270 lbs
Maximum Speed 60-70 km/h ~45 MPH
Flight time 20-25 mins (without range extender)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4200 mm x 2300 mm x 1800 mm 165″ x 90″ x 70″
Passenger Seats 2
Engines 16
Propellers 16