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PAV-UL Ultralight
United Kingdom

The Stage One VTOL PAV is ultra-lightweight yet strong. Its adaptable frame system allows it to be fitted with skids, skis or floats, which allows a wide range of areas to access.

PAV-X PAV-UL Ultralight characteristics (updated January 2018)

Width 350 cm 11.5 ft
Height 210 cm 6.9 ft
Length 330 cm 10.8 ft
Dry weight 135 kg 300 kg
Flight weight 230 kg 507 lb
Maximum take-off weight 330 kg 728 kg
Seats 1
Flight computer Triple redundant
Standard equipment BRS, EFIS, transponder
Optional equipment Floats, skies, FLIR sensors, cargo adapter


PAV-XWingless (Multicopter)Initial Design1 PassengerElectric HybridAutonomous