Pop.Up Next
Toulouse, France (Airbus)
Moncalieri, Italy (Italdesign)
Ingolstadt, Germany (Audi)

With the Pop.Up next, Audi, Italdesign, and Airbus have combined a self-driving car and a passenger drone. The Pop.Up Next system is comprised of an air capsule, a cabin, and a ground module. An electric car drivetrain with the mobility of a drone, the passenger cabin is transported on land by an Audi chassis, and allows air travel via an Airbus drone.

Compared to the original Pop.Up design, the Pop.Up Next concept has a redesigned passenger capsule. It’s lighter, more aerodynamic, more spacious and updated with the latest interactive technology. There has also been an increase in range and speed.

Pop.Up is “the first modular, fully electric, zero-emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities.”

“At the Geneva Autosalon from 8 to 18 March, Audi, Italdesign, and Airbus are presenting “Pop.Up Next”, an entirely electric, fully automatic concept for horizontal and vertical mobility. In the distant future this vehicle could transport people in cities quickly and conveniently on the road and in the air, at the same time-solving traffic problems. The dominant interior feature is a 49-inch screen, while interaction between humans and the machine is performed by speech and face recognition, eye-tracking and a touch function.”

The original Pop.Up concept was detailed in March 2017 here: Airbus Decides to Pop Up

Characteristics (updated March, 2018)


Self-flying air module dimensions 4403 mm L x 847 mm H x 5000 mm W 14.5 ft L x 2.75 ft H x 16.5 ft W
Rotors 8 (4+4)
Propeller diameter 1780 mm ~5.75 ft
Motor power 20 kW
Total power 160 kW
Self-flying air module range (without payload) 50 km 31 mi
Maximum occupancy/payload 2 passengers
Top speed 150 km/h 81 kts
Battery 70 kWh
Charge time (projected) 15 minutes



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