Sabrewing Aircraft Company
Camarillo, CA, USA

The Sabrewing RHAEGAL UAS is a fixed-wing, vector thrust gas-electric hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle (VTOL).

The RHAEGAL is similar to the Sabrewing DRACO-2 prototype with a fixed-wing and eight propellers in a co-axial formation in four rotating ducts forward of the wing and at the ends of a high stabilizer-like structure. The wings can be folded when the vehicle is parked. It can transport an 800 pound (363 kg) payload over 414 miles (667 km) (it can carry an additional 200 pounds (90 kg) using a its Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) mode. It can reach altitudes of up to 22,000 feet (6700 m) at speeds of about 180 knots (330 km/h).

The Rhaegal is designed for commercial and defense cargo markets. It loads cargo via nose entry door and is able to accommodate a standard cargo pallet.