Firefly Front Angle Pad

Stratford, Connecticut, USA

The Sikorsky Firefly is a modified S-300C that was announced by Sikorksy in 2010. The aircraft was announced as a technology demonstration, claiming to be a stepping stone to successful electric helicopters. The fuel for the aircraft comes from two 45Ah lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Gaia Power Technologies. It is unsure whether this aircraft ever flew.

Sikorsky Firefly side view
Sikorsky Firefly side view
Sikorsky Firefly internals
Sikorsky Firefly cross-section
Sikorsky S-300C internals
Sikorsky S-300C cross-section


Passengers 2
Maximum Take Off Weight 2050 lb 929.9 kg
Max Flight Time
15 min
Maximum Cruise Speed 86 kts 159.3 kg
Max Motor Horsepower
190 hp 141.6 kW
Battery Weight
1150 lbs 521.6 kg
Battery Voltage 370 volts



Sikorsky, Electric HelicoptersScaled PrototypeDefunct2 PassengersElectric/Batteries, PilotedVFS Member