Transcend Air Vy 400 City View

Vy 400
Transcend Air
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The Transcend Air Vy 400 is a tilt-wing eVTOL aircraft that is designed for efficient city-to-city transportation. The six-passenger aircraft will travel from major city centers, such as Boston and New York, at half the price of a commuter helicopter. The service plans to get off the ground in early 2024 and Transcend Air has already begun taking orders for the futuristic Vy 400.

Transcend Vy 400 Simulation
Transcend Vy 400 Simulation
Transcend Vy400 Landed
Transcend Vy 400 Landed
Transcend Vy 400 Prototype 11
Transcend Vy 400 Prototype 11

Empty 4,800 lbs

MTOW 6,990 lbs

Useful load 2,200 lbs

Max fuel 960 lbs


Pilot 1 @ 200 lbs

Passengers 4/5 @ 200 lbs each

Baggage 4/5 @ 50 lbs each


Predicted Range 300 to 450 square miles


Max ROC 4,500 fpm

Max ROD 4,000 fpm

Cruise 405 mph

Hover 40 mph


P&WC PT6A-67F 1,700 shp

Yasa 750 40 hp


Max operating 15,000′

Max at 100°F 5,000′



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