AMSL Aero Pty Ltd
New South Wales, Australia

The Vertiia is a new eVTOL design from AMSL Aero Pty Ltd which features an auto pilot navigation system for up to 2 passengers. Being 100% electric, it’s clean and quiet, and safety is a top priority. It will have a top speed of roughly 300 km/hr (160 kts) and a range of 250 km (155 miles) non-stop. It will be able to land on rooftops or designated ground areas.

Vertiia Characteristics (updated April 2018)

Speed 300 kmph 160 kts
Range 250 km 155 mi
Passengers 1-2
Power type electric



VertiiaVectored ThrustScaled Prototype2 Passengers, Electric/BatteriesAutonomous