Nottingham, England

VRCO’s Neo X Craft is an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vectored thrust vehicle that will also drive as a car.


The Neo X Craft is a short lift-body fuselage/cockpit with electric ducted propellers fore and aft on each side. The ducts and propellers can go from vertical lift to horizontal flight mode. It will cruise at 210 mph (338 km) with at least a 60 minute duration. It has a maximum take-off weight of 992 lb (450 kg) including a 396 lb (180 kg) passenger payload. It can fly autonomously carrying two passengers. The vehicle will also be able to drive on a road in a car mode and launch off water. It includes an emergency parachute system.


VRCO plans to market the craft as a luxury vehicle and is building its interior to be spacious and fit the high class concept.


The project began in 2016 with operational testing slated for 2019 and certification in 2020. The Neo X Crafts feasibility and power optimisation studies were undertaken by the University of Derby’s Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering.


VRCO has formed a pilot academy to learn to fly the craft and is also taking reservations to own the vehicle when it hits the market.

NeoXCraft Characteristics (updated December 2017)

Aerial cruise speed 180 kts 333 kph
Seating 2 persons
Flight time 60 min duration off a single charge on the initial battery pack (upgradeable)


VRCOWingless (Multicopter)Initial Design2 PassengersElectric/BatteriesAutonomous