• Ehang 184 flight test

    Ehang Grows in Europe

    Guangzhou-based drone and eVTOL company Ehang signed a memorandum of understanding with the city of Lyon, France, in late November to establish its first European research center, which is expected to create about 50 jobs over the next three years. Ehang also entered into a strategic partnership with Austrian aerospace group FACC in November. The two companies plan to contribute their resources and networks to jointly advance technologies and solutions in the field of urban air mobility....

  • Quarter-Scale Pop.Up Demo

    Airbus, Audi and Italdesign brought a quarter-scale radio-control model of the multi-modal Pop. Up Next mobility system to the Amsterdam Drone Week conference in late November. The Pop.Up Next system uses an unmanned VTOL flight module to transport a passenger-carrying pod by air; the pod can also be transported by ground in an autonomous four-wheeled electric-powered chassis.

  • GAMA-eVTOL-Meeting-Group-13.11.2018

    GAMA Engages with EASA on eVTOL

    On Nov. 14, 2018, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) announced that it had conducted two days of meetings with European regulators on the development of eVTOL aircraft and technologies. According to the press release, “Thirty senior eVTOL company figures from eight countries met with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), the European Commission and SESAR JU (Single European Sky ATM Research Joint Undertaking) over two days in Cologne and Brussels to discuss this...

  • VerdeGo Expands Partnerships

    On Nov. 6, VerdeGo Aero, headquartered in the Research Park at the Daytona Beach campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, announced that it would be providing its Integrated Distributed Electric Propulsion (IDEP) technology platform to enable future hybrid and battery-electric variants of the Transcend Air Vy 400 aircraft. “VerdeGo Aero’s IDEP systems are a modular set of battery-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion components that are under development to support a wide array...

  • Vertical Flight Society logo

    NEXA and VFS Initiate UAM Study

    In October, NEXA Advisors and the Vertical Flight Society announced the prospectus for a new study, "Urban Air Mobility (UAM) — Economics and Global Markets." This groundbreaking study will cover market and economic forecasts from 2020 to 2040 for 70 metropolitan areas, including technologies, policies, markets, infrastructure and economics. NEXA Advisors, a NEXA Capital company and the lead underwriting sponsor, has a well-known record of performing “multi-client” research for the...

  • Vertical Aerospace Opens Up

    In November, Vertical Aerospace gave its first exclusive tour of its eVTOL work, providing VFS with unique insights to its development.

    By Mike Hirschberg, VFS Executive Director
    Vertiflite, Jan/Feb 2019

    On Sept. 10, 2018, the Bristol, UK-based startup, Vertical Aerospace, Ltd., revealed that it had built and flown the UK’s first full-scale electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL)...

  • What Else to Do with an Army of Interns

    NASA Ames Research Center (ARC) Aeromechanics Branch hosted more than 60 interns this summer and focused their energies on studying the future of vertical flight. This is the second of two reports from this past year’s summer interns.

    By Nicholas Peters
    Vertiflite Jan/Feb 2019

    During my ten-week NASA Aeromechanics Branch internship, I focused on what is considered by some as the most ambitious and...

  • NASA Urban Air Mobility vision

    NASA Embraces Urban Air Mobility

    By Kenneth I. Swartz
    Vertiflite Jan/Feb 2019

    NASA Launches UAM Grand Challenge

    On Nov. 1–2, more than 400 representatives from government, industry and academia gathered in Seattle, Washington, to attend an industry day marking the launch of NASA’s UAM Grand Challenge plan, which is designed to provide an integrated vehicle and airspace operational environment for use as a “proving ground” for UAM aircraft...

  • Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

    By Mike Hirschberg, The Vertical Flight Society
    Vertiflite Jan/Feb 2019

    The explosion of interest in electric and hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology over the past few years has been overwhelming. The Vertical Flight Society hosted the first annual Transformational Vertical Flight Workshop on eVTOL in 2014, has held special sessions at the Annual Forum each year, energized our technical committees on the topic, and...

  • SKYLYS Reveals eVTOL Aircraft

    “Silent, Clean, Autonomous, Amphibious, Safe, Revolutionary.” These are the words SKYLYS Aircraft CEO Gary Chorostecki uses to describe the SKYLYS AO, a prototype electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle being shared with the public in detail for the first time today.

    “The time has come to unveil the main lines and above all to show you the first copy,” the company announce in a video introduction launched on December 20th.

    The AO aircraft has been designed to...