• Pipistrel eVTOL Uber

    Pipistrel eVTOL News

    Honeywell and Pipistrel announced on Jan. 24 that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore and develop solutions for eVTOL. “This is the beginning of a long-term relationship to collectively pursue the future of urban air mobility [UAM],” said Ivo Boscarol, founder and president of Pipistrel.

    “Honeywell's expertise in integrated avionics and flight control systems,...

  • Uber eCRM-003

    EASA and FAA Consider eVTOL

    At the VFS Electric VTOL Symposium, Greg Bowles, the vice president of global innovation at the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), noted that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has proposed adding a “special condition” for non-helicopter VTOL aircraft. Bowles noted that the proposed “SC-VTOL” incorporates significant parts from EASA’s CS-23 certification...

  • Jetson Aero Speeder

    Jetson Aero Speeder

    On Jan. 29, Jetson Aero revealed its Speeder hoverbike prototype: a single-seat all-electric flying go-kart with four pairs of propellers powered by brushless electric motors. The company was founded in October 2017 and has carried out manned test flights, first in Tuscany, Italy, and then in Poznan, Poland. The Speeder can carry a passenger weighing up to 220 lb (100 kg) for up to 15...

  • EHang 184

    EHang Certification Progress

    On Jan. 23, the Airworthiness Department of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued its “Guidance on UAV Airworthiness Certification based on Operational Risks,” aimed at establishing a risk-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) airworthiness management system by the end of 2019. EHang and four other Chinese UAV companies were authorized to initiate and develop different...

  • SKYLYS Aircraft Reports on Recent AO Aqua Speeder

    “What you see today will fly next year” according to SKYLYS Aircraft CEO Gary Chorostecki in a video unveiling recent progress made on the electric VTOL AO Aqua speeder.

    The video, AO. Chapter 2, A disruptive Technology, also gives hints to the propulsion system. The video contains an interview with Guillaume Tremblay, the company’s Co-Engineer and Project Manager, who discloses that...

  • VFS at CES2019

    The Vertical Flight Society was actively engaged in the CES 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Jan. 8–11, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada. See below for panel reports, photos and a consolidation of news on the Bell Nexus air taxi.

  • CES 2019 Panel: Future of Transportation

    CES 2019 Panel:
    "The Future of Transportation"

    By Jim Sherman

    Once again, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest assembly of the latest and greatest consumer technology from around the world, kicked off in Las Vegas Jan. 8-11, 2019. And as usual the Consumer Technology Association...

  • CES 2019 Panel: Flying Taxis

    CES 2019 Panel:
    "Flying Taxis. Build Them, But Will They Come?"

    By Jim Sherman

    Once again, the consumer technology world put its focus on Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest assembly of the latest and greatest technology — from phones and TVs, to...

  • Bell Nexus over Dallas, Texas

    Bell Reveals Nexus Air Taxi

    Jan. 7, 2019

    The Vertical Flight Society Salutes Bell’s Nexus eVTOL Air Taxi Design
    Bell Executive Thacker to Keynote Upcoming VFS eVTOL Symposium

    Fairfax, Virginia, USA — The Vertical Flight...

  • Kitty Hawk Cora (white, in CA)

    Kitty Hawk Cora – Year in Review

    In a year-end report, Kitty Hawk Corporation provided an update on the two-seat Cora eVTOL aircraft first unveiled in March 2018, which is now undergoing autonomous flight-testing in California and New Zealand.

    Founded in March 2010 as by Stanford professor Ilan Kroo, the company developed proof of concept (POC) eVTOL aircraft in secret for seven years before publically unveiling...