Upcoming Courses

  • May 13, 2019: A special ½-day Short Course on Electric VTOL Fundamentals will be taught on Monday, May 13 (8 am – 12 pm), in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the morning before the VFS Forum 75 begins. Check out the course description and register!

Video On-Demand Courses

The two short courses held at Forum 74 in May 2018 are available on a pay-per-view video-on-demand basis. Check out these trailers as an example of the in-depth technical content provided in more than 5 hours of lectures each!

  • Rotorcraft Modeling Short Course: This course was held in conjunction with Forum 74 and reviews various rotorcraft configurations and the challenges they represent, examines how static and periodic trim are achieved, and explores blade dynamics, rotor aerodynamics and wake modeling.
  • Electric VTOL Short Course: The Vertical Flight Society’s inaugural Short Course on Electric VTOL Technology was held in conjunction with Forum 74. The online course includes lectures on fundamentals of eVTOL, permanent magnet motors and hybrid electric VTOL experience.

Upcoming Video On-Demand Courses (coming in March 2019)

  • A 1-day Short Course on Electric VTOL Design was taught on Jan. 28, in Mesa, Arizona, the day before the 2019 VFS Autonomous VTOL/eVTOL Symposium begins. The course was taught by Dr. James Wang, one of the leading figures in electric VTOL aircraft development. The cost of the course is $275. Download the course description.
  • A 1½-day Short Course on Electric VTOL Aeromechanics & Acoustic Prediction Software was taught on Jan. 31 – Feb 1 in conjunction with the VFS Autonomous VTOL/eVTOL Symposium. The course was taught by Dr. Ken Brentner (Penn State), Dan Wachspress (Continuum Dynamics), Dr. Rob McDonald (Uber Elevate) and Alex Gary (Uber Elevate) and instructed attendees on how to use PSU-WOPWOP, CDI’s CHARM and NASA’s OpenVSP modeling tools to conduct acoustic prediction of Electric VTOL configurations. The cost of the course is $450 for all attendees. Download the course description.