Hover Bikes

The following eVTOL aircraft are considered to be in the general class of “hover bikes,” with the primary differentiation being that the pilot sits on a saddle.

  1. Assen A1
  2. Bay Zoltán Flike
  3. Flyt Aerospace FlytCycle
  4. Gravity X
  5. Hero Flyer
  6. HoverSurf Drone Taxi R-1
  7. HoverSurf Scorpion
  8. Kalashnikov (unnamed)
  9. Kitty Hawk Flyer (defunct prototype)
  10. Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike
  11. NASA Puffin
  12. Neva Aerospace AirQuadOne

GoFly Personal Flying Devices

With the GoFly Prize competition, a large number of single-person electric and hybrid/electric personal flying devices are expected to be unveiled in 2018. So far, this list includes:

  1. Aeroxo ERA Aviabike*
  2. Electric Jet EJ-1
  3. Georgia Tech HummingBuzz*
  4. Leap Vantage*
  5. Penn State University Blue Sparrow*
  6. Ray Research Dart Flyer
  7. Scoop Pegasus 1*
  8. Silverwing S1*
  9. teTra 3*
  10. Texas A&M University Harmony*
  11. Trek Aerospace FlyKart 2*
  12. University of Kansas Mamba*

* – indicates Phase 1 winner

Hobbyist Personal Flying Devices

  1. Colin Furze Hoverbike
  2. The Real Life Guys Flying Bathtub

(Updated July 2, 2018)

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