eVTOL at Oshkosh 2018

A number of eVTOL aircraft were on display at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, in July 2018. Ken Swartz, VFS Board Member and President of Aeromedia Communications, took lots of photos and made a presentation on The Electric VTOL Revolution (8 MB pdf) on July 25 as part of the EAA Forums.

More than 30 walkaround photos of eVTOL aircraft are posted in the Vertical Flight Society photo gallery, taken for VFS by Ken Swartz. (CC-BY-SA 4.0)


Photo albums of...


The CAFE Foundation held its 2018 Electric Aircraft Symposium at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Alumni Welcome and Conference Center on Saturday and Sunday July 21-22, 2018, in conjunction with the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA. The title of the CAFE EAS was "The Future of Flight: Electric Aviation Technologies and Opportunities." 

The list of speakers from EAS2018 is a "Who's Who" of electric...

Hearing on Flying Cars 24Jul18

Congressional Hearing on Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility — Are Flying Cars Ready for Take-Off?

US House of Representatives' Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

Full Committee Hearing, Tuesday, July 24, 2018 – 10:00 am

This first-ever Congressional hearing on Urban Air Mobility was live-streamed.

Hearing Charter

Opening Statements:

Full Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas)


  • Dr. Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator, Aeronautics...

eVTOL News™ Directory Breaks 100 Aircraft Listed

The Electric VTOL News™ now has more than 100 aircraft cataloged in the most extensive directory of electric and hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in the world. Launched in April 2017 after the first Uber Elevate Summit, the directory grew at a rate of about one aircraft per week during the first year, but this has now accelerated to an average rate of two aircraft per week as more aircraft are unveiled and new actors join The Electric VTOL Revolution.

The website...

Forum 74 eVTOL Progress Airbus 17 May 18

eVTOL Video Library

The Vertical Flight Society now has more than 25 hours of online videos related to electric VTOL aircraft and technology.

Available to the Public for Free

Subscribe to the VFS YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/VTOLsociety for the latest news and educational videos on vertical flight, including:

  • YouTube Playlist: eVTOL News videos (3 episodes/21 min)
  • YouTube Playlist: eVTOL Workshop, Jan. 2018 (17 videos/11 hours)
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Kitty Hawk Flyer Enters Service

Kitty Hawk Flyer Enters Service

By Kenneth I. Swartz

Vertiflite, July/August 2018

Kitty Hawk is taking electric vertical flight to the consumer market. If the Flyer lives up to its promises, hundreds — if not thousands — will be flying every day.

The recent explosion of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft development has...

GoFly Enters Phase II

GoFly Enters Phase II

By Kenneth I. Swartz

Vertiflite, July/August 2018

The goal of the GoFly Prize is to foster the development of safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near-VTOL personal flying devices capable of flying twenty miles while carrying a single person. Here’s the story so far, nine months into the two-year competition.

On June 14, the GoFly Prize...

Hirschberg with NASA Ames Rotorcraft Aeromechanics Interns

eVTOL Briefing at NASA Ames

Vertical Flight Society Executive Director Mike Hirschberg provided an overview of eVTOL promise and progress in a briefing, "The Electric VTOL Revolution," to the VFS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter on July 2, 2018. More than 100 people attended, including dozens of NASA Rotorcraft Aeromechanics interns from around the United States.

EHang Makes More 184s and 216s

At the Future of Transportation conference in Cologne, Germany, on a panel chaired by VFS Executive Director Mike Hirschberg, Derrick Xiong, co-founder and chief marketing officer of EHang, provided new insights into the company’s Autonomous Aerial Vehicle.

Xiong provided updates on the company’s development testing, and revealed that “30 to 40” of the EHang 184 AAVs have been built; the 184 is for one pilot, and has eight propellers on four arms. Xiong also noted that the new...

Canada Invests in VTOL Technology

Canada Invests in VTOL Technology

By Kenneth I. Swartz

Vertiflite, July/August 2018

Canada is providing CAD$49.5M (USD$37.7M) in financial support for a major technology demonstration program (TDP) designed to advance five key technologies to support the development of urban air taxis, conventional helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The...