Alaka'i Techologies Skai hybrid-electric VTOL, USA.

Flying in the Skai with Hydrogen

Flying in the Skai with Hydrogen By Mike Hirschberg Vertiflite, July/August 2019 On May 29, Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based Alaka’i Technologies revealed a “non-flying prototype” of its hydrogen-powered Skai electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The unveiling was held in Newbury Park, California, at the facilities of BMW-owned global creative consultancy Designworks, which was contracted for the vehicle design, with a focus on the passenger experience. In ...
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Hirschberg @ Forum 75, May 14, 2019

Commentary: VFS Expands Support to eVTOL

VFS Expands Support to eVTOL By Mike Hirschberg, VFS Executive Director Vertiflite, July/August 2019 Electric/hybrid-electric propulsion enables new vertical flight aircraft configurations that have tremendous potential — but also significant challenges — to bring a radical transformation of air transportation for unmanned package delivery, unmanned logistics, personal air travel, air taxis, urban air mobility (UAM), regional air mobility (RAM) and many other missions. The Vertical Flight Society ...
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Flying Solo: GoFly Advances Single-Passenger Air Mobility Solutions

Flying Solo: GoFly Advances Single-Passenger Air Mobility Solutions By Nicolas Zart Vertiflite, May/June 2019 GoFly has awarded five teams $50,000 each toward their efforts to develop personal flying devices. The $2M GoFly Prize competition has completed its second phase and has so far received more interest than ever imagined. The idea to fund safe and innovative designs for a personal flying machine was a longtime dream ...
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The full-scale mock-up of the Bell Nexus sparked the imagination of Heli-Expo attendees for the potential of eVTOL. (VFS photo)

Bell Nexus Partners Connect

Bell Nexus Partners Connect By Kenneth I. Swartz Vertiflite May/June 2019 Bell and its partners talk about its Nexus eVTOL and the team’s approach to creating a revolutionary new type of aircraft. As its name suggests, the Bell Nexus hybrid-electric VTOL is all about making connections. From a development perspective, Bell has leveraged the capabilities of five leading aerospace companies to develop the Nexus in a ...
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Airbus A³ Vahana eVTOL in flight.

The Electric VTOL Industry Shifts Gears

The Electric VTOL Industry Shifts Gears By Kenneth I. Swartz Vertiflite May/June 2019 A VFS panel and other discussions at Heli-Expo provided an opportunity for the commercial helicopter operating community to ask some tough questions about eVTOL technology. For the second year in a row, the Vertical Flight Society organized a panel discussion at Heli-Expo to brief the civil helicopter industry and operators on electric- and ...
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AutoflightX V600 prototype front view, first unveiled in Germany on 10 April 2019. Photo for VFS by Ian Frain.

AutoFlightX Breaks Cover

Vertiflite May/June 2019 AutoFlightX GmbH, based near Munich, Germany, unveiled its full-sized V600 prototype on April 10 at the AERO Friedrichshafen 2019 aviation trade show. The two-place all-electric V600 aircraft has six propellers for lift fitted on two booms parallel to the fuselage and a pusher propeller in the rear for forward flight. The design uses four propellers underneath (one each at the ends of the ...
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EHang 216 flying in the Generali Arena in Vienna, Austria on April 4, 2019. Photo credit: Gerry Frank.

EHang Flies in Austria

Vertiflite May/June 2019 On April 4, the EHang Air Mobility Group, based in Guangzhou, China, and the Austrian FACC aviation company flew media representatives on demonstration flights in the two-seat EHang 216 eVTOL. The flights were conducted in the Generali Arena in Vienna, Austria. EHang is part of the Urban Air Mobility Project — established with FACC and 4GAMECHANGERS / ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 — which is ...
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XTI Trifan 600 March 23, 2019.

XTI TriFan 600 Nearly Complete

Vertiflite May/June 2019 Englewood, Colorado-based XTI Aircraft Company announced in a March 23 tweet that it was making progress with their 65%-scale hybrid-electric VTOL demonstrator: “Finalizing assembly and preparing for first flight … new motors arrive this week, fly soon after!!” In addition, the photo illustrated its “full configuration” with the horizontal stabilizer installed on the T-tail and showed the aft-fuselage fan doors open. (XTI photo) ...
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PopUp Next by Volkswagen and Audi March 21, 2019.

Pop.Up Next Will Take Off

Vertiflite May/June 2019 Volkswagen AG, the owner of the Audi brand, announced on March 21 that it and its partners would build a full-scale demonstrator of its Pop.Up Next multi-modal eVTOL system and fly it by the end of 2020. The joint Airbus-Audi-Italdesign system was originally proposed only as a feasibility concept (before Audi was added), then just called “Pop.Up,” in March 2017, although generally similar ...
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Rolls-Royce EVTOL concept aircraft with M250 hybrid engines

Rolls-Royce Revs Hybrid Engine

Vertiflite May/June 2019 Rolls-Royce announced on March 14 that the company had conducted successful ground tests of a hybrid system using the company’s ubiquitous M250 gas turbine. The company said that it successfully tested the hybrid version of the M250 gas turbine in a ground demonstration setting in three operating modes: series hybrid, parallel hybrid and turbo-electric. The M250 hybrid is planned to be used as ...
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