1 Passenger

  • Tecnalia Aerotaxi tethered flight in Spain.


    TecnaliaSan Sebastián, Spainwww.tecnalia.com

    Tecnalia's research and technological development center has what is says is the first air taxi in Spain. A full-scale one (1) passenger Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) prototype has already flown (tethered).

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  • rFlight N217RL VTOL flying over city, USA.

    rFlight N217RL

    N217RLrFlightSan Francisco, California, USAwww.rflight.org

    Bret Lessard is the founder and lead project manager of rFlight based in a TE Connectivity lab space in Silicon Valley - San Francisco, California, USA. rFlight's goal is to make a one (1) passenger autonomous Vertical Take-Off and Landing...

  • rflight rWing graphic flying near city USA.

    rFlight rWing

    rWingrFlightLondon, England, United Kingdomwww.rflight.org

    In September 2017, Bret Lessard founded rFlight and he is the lead project manager of the company. The corporate office is based in London, England, United Kingdom and use a TE Connectivity lab space for their prototypes in Silicon Valley,...

  • Esprit Aeronautics Limited Lancer ePAV United Kingdom.

    Esprit Aeronautics Lancer ePAV

    Lancer ePAVEsprit Aeronautics LimitedCovent Garden, London, United Kingdomwww.espritaero.com

    In October 2018, Esprit Aeronautics Limited was formed in the United Kingdom. Esprit Aeronautics Limited is developing a one (1) passenger Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft called the Lancer...

  • Ambular medevac eVTOL concept flying November 2018 Canada.

    Imagineactive Ambular

    Imagineactive AmbularMontréal, Québec, Canadawww.imaginactive.org

    The Ambular is an all-electric emergency response drone concept designed to carry sick and wounded patients. The Ambular concept was imagined in November 2018 by Charles Bombardier. It was designed by Martin Rico who studied design at the University...

  • Zeva logo and Zero eVTOL aircraft USA.

    Zeva Zero

    ZeroZeva Tacoma, Washington, USAwww.zevaaero.com

    Zeva is a relatively new company based in Tacoma, Washington, USA and has created an all electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept including a sub-scale prototype called Zero (Zero-emissions...

  • Neo Aeronautics Crimson S8 VTOL Singapore April 2019

    Neo Aeronautics Crimson S8

    Crimson S8 NEO Aeronautics Singapore (No website)

    NEO Aeronautics, founded by Neo Kok Beng, is a innovation-driven technology company with a vision to empower individuals and communities for personal urban mobility. The company invested just over $145,000.00 USD into the development of the Crimson...

  • Hoversurf Formula eVTOL Airtaxi - May 2019.

    Hoversurf Formula (No wing)

    FormulaHoversurfMoscow, Russia / Burlingame, California, USAwww.hoversurf.com

    Hoversurf revealed on Facebook, May 8, 2019, a redesigned Formula eVTOL which holds one (1) passenger. While Hoversurf does not refer to their newly redesigned Formula as their Second Version or 2.0, we are making the...

  • G150 concept hybrid VTOL in flight.

    Gizio CellCraft G150 (concept aircraft)

    CellCraft G150GizioItalywww.gizio.it

    The CellCraft G150 hybrid-electric VTOL concept aircraft with ducted fans is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs a variety of hybrid-VTOL, helicopter and gyrocopter concept aircraft based partially on his helicopter pilot...

  • EJ11 ElectroJet concept aircraft hybrid VTOL flying.

    Gizio EJ11 ElectroJet (concept aircraft)

    EJ11 ElectroJetGizioItalywww.gizio.it

    The EJ11 ElectroJet concept hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs his VTOL concept aircraft partially based on his helicopter pilot experience and experience in aviation, in general. He...