• F-Helix electric helicopter concept parked at building Italy.

    Vinati F-Helix

    F-HelixVinati S.r.l.Nave, Italywww.f-helix.com

    F-Helix the creation of Mr. Vinati to make an safe and reliable all electric helicopter. Mr. Vinati on the F-Helix website says that the F-Helix electric helicopter concept is the evolution of Silvercraft SH4 helicopter, an Italian helicopter, and had...

  • Gyrobike electric eVSTOL side view Spain.


    GyroBikeMadrid, Spainwww.gyrobiketurismodeaventura.com

    Gyrobike was established in September 2011 in Spain with the vision of providing a clean electric aircraft to help everyone commute freely in the urban environment.

    Gyrobike is an electric...

  • Zeva logo and Zero eVTOL aircraft USA.

    Zeva Zero

    ZeroZeva Tacoma, Washington, USAwww.zevaaero.com

    Zeva is a relatively new company based in Tacoma, Washington, USA and has created an all electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept including a sub-scale prototype called Zero (Zero-emissions...

  • Neo Aeronautics Crimson S8 VTOL Singapore April 2019

    Neo Aeronautics Crimson S8

    Crimson S8 NEO Aeronautics Singapore (No website)

    NEO Aeronautics, founded by Neo Kok Beng, is a innovation-driven technology company with a vision to empower individuals and communities for personal urban mobility. The company invested just over $145,000.00 USD into the development of the Crimson...

  • Skai rollout pic

    Alaka’i Technologies Skai

    SkaiAlaka'i TechnologiesHopkinton, Massachusetts, USAwww.skai.co

    Alaka’i Technologies is an emerging air mobility design and manufacturing company founded by Brian Morrison. The executive team has decades of aerospace development including NASA, Raytheon, Beech Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, Hughes...

  • Macchina Volantis Flying Car

    Flying Car
    Macchina Volantis
    Melbourne, Australia

    The Macchina Volantis flying car will be a hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with a folding wing that would navigate roads and the air.

    The flying car has a large upper wing and smaller lower wing unfold for flight and retract for ground driving. It will be constructed of a...

  • Hirobo Bit

    Hirobo Limited
    Hiroshima, Japan

    The Hirobo Bit was to be a one man version of its HX-1 electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) drone helicopter. It was announced in 2012 and displayed at the VFS Forum 69 in May 2013.

    The Bit is a co-axial main rotor with an open cockpit design with controls on the pilot/passenger seat. The vehicle can also be flown...

  • FanFlyer, Inc. FanFlyer

    FanFlyer, Inc.
    Flagstaff, AZ, USA

    FanFlyer Inc.’s vehicle of the same name is a gas-hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) hoverbike that is a contender in the GoFly competition.

    The vehicle’s gas powered motors drive four ducted fans around an open cockpit seat. The design is derived from ducted fan data accumulated in the 1950s...

  • Skyworks Vertijet

    Skyworks Global
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

    Skyworks Global’s VertiJet employs both fixed wings and a vertical propeller that can function in helicopter lift or gyrocopter spin mode. The latter mode would also provide a safe emergency landing. The rotor also has small “tipjets” that can be used for short periods during vertical...

  • Piasecki PA-890


    Piasecki Aircraft Corporation

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