Wingless (Multicopter)

  • V200 front view

    Varon V200

    Varon V200
    Varon Vehicles Corporation
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

    The Varon V200 is a three prop electric vehicle that will use simplified pilot controls aided by flight software for low altitude two passenger and cargo flights.

    The V200T (two passengers) and V200C (employing a cargo module) variants will employ one forward and two tilt rear electrically powered rotors with the aim of zero emissions.

    The vehicles construction,...

  • SkyRider SuvA simulation

    Axix SkyRider SuvA

    SkyRider SuvA
    Axix GP, LLC

    The Axix SkyRider SuvA is an autonomous, quad-rotor eVTOL device. It is designed for corporate commute, and will be sold and leased to transportation companies. The top speed of the SkyRider SuvA is 350 mph (563.27 kmh). It will be powered by a Kawasaki Mule engine/CVT and four, quick-charge Tesla Model S induction motors.

    The frame is composed of carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure a lightweight empty weight. Cabin...

  • Snowstorm in flight

    NUS Snowstorm

    National University of Singapore
    Queenstown, Singapore

    The Snowstorm multirotor eVTOL was created by a team of students at the National University of Singapore (NUS). It is composed of a hexagonal aluminum frame, carbon fiber plates, kevlar ropes, and rubber landing gear to ensure a safe flight. Additionally, the team used 3D printing when a specific fit was needed.

    The team started with a one-sixth size prototype, then moved to a...

  • One man drone Featured Image


    Voorthuizen, Netherlands

    ManDrone is an eight-rotor multicopter that is capable of carrying one passenger. It was created by Winfried Rijssenbeek, and is based on his earlier Humming Man Project.

    A scaled prototype is currently being tested, which allows for a 100 kg (220.46 lb) payload. The company aims to have a full-scale prototype working soon, in order to complete manned flight tests. Additionally, the aircraft has eight motors in...

  • Volocopter VC1 In Flight

    Volocopter VC1/VC2 (defunct prototypes)

    Volocopter GmbH (originally e-volo GmbH until July 2017)
    Karlsruhe, Germany

    The Volocopter VC1 utilized sixteen individual rotors for up to 20 minutes of flight. The multicopter weighs 80 kg (176.4 lb) and has a 5 m by 5 m profile (16.4 ft by 16.4 ft).

    e-volo co-founder Thomas Senkel was the primary designer, inventor and builder of the VC1 and VC2; he also flew the VC1 for the first time on October 21, 2011, making it the first flight...

  • Kenyan Passenger Drone manned flight test

    Kenyan Passenger Drone

    Kenyan Passenger Drone
    Morris Mbetsa

    The Kenyan Passenger Drone was created by Morris Mbetsa, a self-taught inventor and electrical engineer. This drone is flown either autonomously, remotely, or manually with a joystick. In May 2018, Mbetsa began the unmanned flight tests of the Kenyan Passenger Drone, which proved successful, allowing for manned flight tests to begin in June 2018. The prototype used in the flight tests is not the final design, as the final...

  • EHang Flight Test

    EHang 216

    EHang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
    Guangzhou, China

    EHang is a dominant player in the quadcopter drone market. The company hopes to extend its unmanned electric VTOL technology to manned applications. The EHang 216 is based on the EHang 184, yet it has eight arms instead of four. This allows for the vehicle to be seat two passengers instead of just one.

    The EHang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (“AAV”) was first announced in February...

  • Volocopter 2X Side View

    Volocopter 2X

    Volocopter GmbH
    Karlsruhe, Germany

    The Volocopter 2X is a refined version of the VC200, with a limited number of pre-production prototypes now under development for future sale. The aircraft, with 18 non-tilting propellers, made its first unmanned flight in September 2017. The first manned flight was in 2018, causing Volocopter to claim this as the world’s first 2-seat electric VTOL aircraft. The aircraft is designed for up to 100 km/h (55...

  • Sky-Hopper Featured Image


    Helioo, Netherlands

    The Sky-Hopper prototype is comprised of lightweight aluminum struts with a small central seat. The pilot utilizes a remote control transmitter to control the 16 DC propellers. The next version of the Sky-Hopper will have an enclosed fuselage, to ensure comfort during flight.



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  • chAIR Multicopter in flight

    chAIR Multicopter

    chAIR Multicopter

    This multicopter was designed by Axel Borg from parts he got from Hobby King. The design features a central seat surrounded by four circular rotor-mounts. The estimated flight time is 14 minutes, but the maximum attempted time is 11 minutes. The estimated build cost was $10,000.


    • Control Board: KK 2.1 Multi-Rotor Control Board
    • Motors: Multistar Elite...