• Transvolution eVTOL concept in flight mode.

    Imaginactive Transvolution

    Transvolution Imaginactive Montréal, Québec, Canadawww.imaginactive.org

    The Transvolution is a radical concept which combines both air and road travel allowing passengers to reach their city centre destinations much more quickly and efficiently. The Transvolution concept was imagined in March 2019....

  • OVER eVTOL mode and ground vehicle USA.


    OVEROVER, LLC.Durant, Oklahoma, USAwww.over-llc.com

    OVER LLC’s primary objective is to promote the development and implementation of a new national standardized networked Autonomous Transportation System (ATS). This ATS concept would be designed to ensure safe, secure, reliable and swift autonomous...

  • F-Helix electric helicopter concept parked at building Italy.

    Vinati F-Helix

    F-HelixVinati S.r.l.Nave, Italywww.f-helix.com

    F-Helix the creation of Mr. Vinati to make an safe and reliable all electric helicopter. Mr. Vinati on the F-Helix website says that the F-Helix electric helicopter concept is the evolution of Silvercraft SH4 helicopter, an Italian helicopter, and had...

  • Gyrobike electric eVSTOL side view Spain.


    GyroBikeMadrid, Spainwww.gyrobiketurismodeaventura.com

    Gyrobike was established in September 2011 in Spain with the vision of providing a clean electric aircraft to help everyone commute freely in the urban environment.

    Gyrobike is an electric...

  • SkyDrive Cartivator top view illustration Japan.

    Toyota Cartivator SkyDrive

    SkyDriveOkubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japanwww.skydrive.co.jp

    In September 2012, a group of young engineering volunteers in Japan, both automotive and aeronautical, started the idea an eVTOL aircraft for use by the general public. The team's name is Cartivator. With private individuals to large...

  • Zeva logo and Zero eVTOL aircraft USA.

    Zeva Zero

    ZeroZeva Tacoma, Washington, USAwww.zevaaero.com

    Zeva is a relatively new company based in Tacoma, Washington, USA and has created an all electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft concept including a sub-scale prototype called Zero (Zero-emissions...

  • Piasecki Air Scout-graphic

    Piasecki Air Scout®

    Air Scout®Piasecki Aircraft CorporationEssington, Pennsylvania, USAwww.piasecki.com

    Piasecki Aircraft Corporation (PiAC) has made a next-generation Air Scout® which is a tandem ducted fan Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Air System...

  • Electric Visionary Aircrafts Valkyr concept eVTOL aircraft, France, Nov 2018

    EVA Valkyr

    ValkyrElectric Visionary Aircrafts (EVA)Cugnaux, Toulouse, Francewww.eva.xyz

    Electric Visionary Aircrafts (EVA) was founded on May 9, 2017, with their office moving to the Francazal Airport on November 1, 2018 in Cugnaux, Toulouse, France. Their offices are located at the airport’s former control...

  • Hoversurf Formula eVTOL Airtaxi - May 2019.

    Hoversurf Formula (No wing)

    FormulaHoversurfMoscow, Russia / Burlingame, California, USAwww.hoversurf.com

    Hoversurf revealed on Facebook, May 8, 2019, a redesigned Formula eVTOL which holds one (1) passenger. While Hoversurf does not refer to their newly redesigned Formula as their Second Version or 2.0, we are making the...

  • Teledrone mock-up wingless multicopter from the United Kingdom


    TeledroneTeledrone Ltd.Skelmersdale, Lancashire, United Kingdomwww.teledrone.com

    The TELEDRONE project was one of 31 to qualify for the second phase of the GoFly Challenge, having been established to investigate the potential for an airframe designed to 'teleport' passengers by the simplest means or...