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    Lilium Raises $90M

    In early September, Munich-based Lilium announced that it had raised $90M in a Series B funding round. Investors included Chinese tech giant Tencent; private banking and asset management firm LGT; U.K.-based venture capitalist firm Atomico (a Series A investor); and Obvious Ventures. The company flew the unmanned “Eagle” prototype of “the world’s first electric VTOL jet” in April. Lilium said it has raised more than $100M overall, and planned the first manned flight of its fully...

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    Charging Forward: New eVTOL Concepts Advance

    Charging Forward: New eVTOL Concepts Advance

    By Kenneth I. Swartz

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a car — It’s a plane — No, it’s my UberAir!

    Vertiflite, Jul-Aug 2017

    To those immersed in the world of traditional helicopters, it may take a little time to...

  • Lilium Jet

    Lilium Jet

    Lilium Jet
    Lilium GmbH
    Gilching, Germany

    The Lilium Jet is the first "electric jet" VTOL aircraft. The company plans to use the jet for urban mobility as an air taxi. In cruise mode power consumption per km is comparable to an electric car. It produces zero emissions in flight.


    Lilium was co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian  Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner. Wiegand originally conceived of the basic...

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    German Ultralight VTOL Innovations

    German Ultralight VTOL Innovations

    By Ian Frain

    Vertiflite, Sept-Oct 2016

    The German aerospace industry has enjoyed global success and recognition in design and innovation over the decades.

    One prime example is the Airbus Helicopters-legacy Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) Bo 105 light, twin-engine helicopter. This had...