• Firefly Front Angle Pad

    Sikorsky Firefly (defunct)

    Stratford, Connecticut, USA

    The Sikorsky Firefly is a modified S-300C that was announced by Sikorksy in 2010. The aircraft was announced as a technology demonstration, claiming to be a stepping stone to successful electric helicopters. The fuel for the aircraft comes from two 45Ah lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Gaia Power Technologies. It is unsure whether this aircraft ever...

  • Sikorsky VERT

    Stratford, Connecticut

    According to an article published on Oct. 30, 2017 in Aerospace America online, "Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky is researching an autonomous vertical takeoff and landing aircraft amid competition in the nascent market for air taxis to ferry people from downtown to the suburbs...." According to the article, the effort draws on the advanced autonomy capabilities developed by Sikorsky, as well as by its...

  • VTOL Execs at Forum 73 Banquet

    AHS Commentary: Not Just Helicopters

    AHS Commentary: Not Just Helicopters

    By Mike Hirschberg, AHS International Executive Director

    Vertiflite Jul-Aug 2017

    At the Forum 73 Grand Awards Banquet, the leaders of the major rotorcraft manufacturers and Uber Technologies’ chief of product development talked about the future of vertical flight....

  • Greased Lightning

    Lift Where You Need It

    Lift Where You Need It
    Given advances in power generation, storage and control, Distributed Electric Propulsion opens new design opportunities for vertical flight

    By Frank Colucci

    Vertiflite, Nov-Dec 2016

    With rotors, ducted fans and other lift devices powered through wires, Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) can...