Vectored Thrust

  • Vision VTOL featured image

    Vision VTOL

    Vision VTOL
    The Waters Trust

    The Vision VTOL is a tiltrotor eVTOL designed by The Waters Trust. Currently, this eVTOL is intended to come in two versions: a one-seater and a two-seater. The design is intended to be scalable, so future versions could range from a UAV to a six-seater.

    The range of the Vision VTOL is intended to be four hours, due to its usage of high-tech lithium-polymer batteries. The company is currently looking for funding,...

  • Joby Lotus Featured Image

    Joby Lotus (defunct)

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    The Joby Aviation Lotus Tricopter features three propellers; two on each wing and one on the tail of the aircraft. This designates the aircraft as Vectored Thrust, as the back propeller can tilt to increase the aircraft's speed. The design is extremely unique, as the two wing rotors are able to fold into the wing.

    The aircraft was designed in partnership with NASA to be one of the first VTOL...

  • Moller Skycar 200 mockup

    Moller Skycar M200

    Moller Skycar M200
    Moller International / Freedom Motors
    Dixon, CA, USA

    The Moller Skycar M200 is a two-passenger commuter aircraft from the makers of the Moller Skycar M400. This aircraft is outfitted with redundant systems, multiple safety features, and its Flight Control System (FCS), which eliminates the complexities of flying.

    A unique characteristic of the aircraft is the wings, as they fold up to ensure a compact frame. The...

  • AgustaWestland Project Zero (defunct)

    Project Zero
    Cascina Costa, Italy

    Project Zero is an all-electric-powered, hybrid tiltrotor/fan-in-wing technology incubator created by AgustaWestland. It shocked the world in 2013 when it was announced that it had been flying for years before.

    The aircraft was flown in secured areas several times in 2011 and 2012 at AgustaWestland's Cascina Costa facilities, including flights with and without the ducted shrouds around its...

  • Aston Martin Volante

    Aston Martin
    Gaydon, United Kingdom

    Aston Martin announced the Volante as a luxury eVTOL that is capable of autonomous flight. Aston Martin partnered with Rolls-Royce and Cranfield University, creating a strong team of engineers for this project. The motors are hybrid-electric, ensuring easy transportation with a low carbon footprint.


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  • RR EVTOL (July 15, 2018)

    Rolls-Royce EVTOL

    Rolls-Royce plc
    London, UK
    Rolls-Royce Electrification

    On July 15, 2018, in conjunction with the Farnborough International Airshow 2018, Rolls-Royce announced that it was developing an eVTOL aircraft (referred to as the "EVTOL").

    Rolls-Royce says that "The initial concept vehicle uses gas turbine technology to generate felectricity to power six electric propulsors specially designed to have a low noise profile. It also has a battery for energy storage. In this...

  • Opener BlackFly

    Opener, Inc.
    Palo Alto, California, USA

    On July 12, 2018, Opener unveiled its BlackFly personal air vehicle, which is fully-qualified to FAA Part 103 ultralight standards. Based on FAA ultralight restrictions, the BlackFly is limited to a maximum speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) and 25 miles (40 km), however its maximum performance characteristics are significantly more than this, as shown in the specifications table below from the Opener...

  • Joby S2 at sunset

    Joby S2 (defunct)

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    Joby Aviation in Santa Cruz, California has been working to fundamentally question how to achieve the best civil transport VTOL aircraft with the newly available electric propulsion technologies. The S2 concept takes everything learned from two years of collaborative study with NASA that resulted in the NASA GL-10, Joby Lotus, and joint NASA/Joby LEAPTech concepts.

    The Joby S2 seats two passengers...

  • TF-X Front View

    Terrafugia TF-X

    Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

    Terrafugia achieved widespread publicity after its first aircraft in 2009; the fixed-wing Terrafugia Transition is “the world’s first practical flying car” and the company is now ramping up for production.

    In May 2013, Terrafugia unveiled its vision for a four-seat VTOL plug-in hybrid-electric flying car, calling it the TF-X. The company revised the outer mold line (OML) in July 2015, steering...

  • Transcend Air Vy 400 City View

    Transcend Air Vy 400

    Vy 400
    Transcend Air
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA

    The Transcend Air Vy 400 is a tilt-wing eVTOL aircraft that is designed for efficient city-to-city transportation. The company plans to operate the six-passenger electric VTOL aircraft between major city centers, such as Boston and New York, at half the price of a commuter helicopter. Transcend Air says it plans to get the service off the ground in early 2024 and has already begun taking orders for the...