• Beta Ava XC eVTOL

    Electric VTOL for Organs on Demand

    Electric VTOL for Organs on Demand
    United Therapeutics has big plans for the future of organ transplantation,
    and eVTOL aircraft are an integral part of its vision.

    By Elan Head
    Vertiflite Mar/Apr 2019

    For many entrants in the race to develop electric...

  • Lift's Hexa.

    LIFT’s Hexa Lifts Off

    LIFT’s Hexa Lifts Off

    By Andrew Barber
    Vertiflite Mar/Apr 2019

    Austin, Texas-based LIFT Aircraft revealed itself on Dec. 11, 2018. The LIFT Hexa is an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) single-passenger wingless multicopter aimed primarily...

  • Bell Nexus at CES 2019.

    eVTOL Captures the Attention of CES

    eVTOL Captures the Attention of CES
    Electric VTOL and urban air mobility developers are reaching out to the consumer
    to create demand and prepare the way for public acceptance.

    By Jim Sherman
    Vertiflite Mar/Apr 2019

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES),...

  • 6th eVTOL Symposium

    6th eVTOL Symposium Presentations

    The sell-out 8th Biennial Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting & 6th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium was a phenomenal success, with some 375 attendees. A series of articles in this issue of Vertiflite highlight the news and announcements from this event.

    PDFs of the papers and presentations are now available:

    • Attendees can go to and enter the...
  • Bell Nexus over Dallas, Texas

    The eVTOL Industry in Transition

    The eVTOL Industry in Transition
    In light of the watershed 6th Annual eVTOL Symposium, and recent news and events,
    Vertiflite asses
    ses how the burgeoning industry is maturing.

    By Kenneth I. Swartz
    Vertiflite Mar/Apr 2019

    In the five years since...

  • Airbus Blueprint Vahana

    Airbus Reveals UTM Blueprint and UAM Perceptions

    Airbus Reveals UTM Blueprint and UAM Perceptions
    How the Airbus UTM plans to integrate the future of our aerial mobility safely
    and how perceptions are shaping up for acceptance.

    By Nicolas Zart
    Vertiflite Mar/Apr 2019

    What will urban air...

  • Eric Fanning

    3rd Congressional Hearing Talks UAM

    On Feb. 7, Eric Fanning, the President and CEO of Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) testified in a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing entitled, “The Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Investing in our Nation’s Infrastructure Cannot Wait.” In his remarks, Fanning spoke extensively of the potential of UAM.

  • Volocopter at Frankfurt Airport

    Frankfurt Airport Studies Voloports

    Volocopter GmbH and Fraport AG (the manager of Frankfurt Airport) are developing concepts for ground infrastructure and operations required for air taxi services at airports. This cooperation focuses on smooth passenger handling and efficient integration into existing transport infrastructure. In the future, Voloports could link existing urban transportation junctions with one another and...

  • GoFly

    GoFly Hits 40

    GoFly announced on Feb. 6 that 40 teams were officially participating in Phase II (the building phase) of its GoFly Prize competition. On March 26, GoFly will announce the Phase II winners and award $50,000 USD to up to four winning teams. GoFly is awarding $2M in prizes for building the world’s first personal flying device. Electric propulsion is a key enabler for the competition.

  • Bell APT20

    Bell Flies APT 70 UAV

    As part of the VFS Electric VTOL Symposium, Bell Executive Vice President Michael Thacker announced that the Bell Autonomous Pod Transport (APT) 70 — capable of transporting up to 70 lb (32 kg) — had flown in January. This follows prior flight testing of the APT 20 (shown), which can carry up to 20 lb (9 kg) loads.

    Last year, Bell said it was “selected for the NASA...