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Aufeer Design TX-0001 Autonomous Flying Taxi Concept Flying Czech Republic.

Aufeer Design TX-0001 Flying Taxi (Concept)

TX-0001 Aufeer DesignPrague, Czech Aufeer Design is an innovation centre which offers initial design strategy through high quality graphics, videos, physical models and detailed technical production files, handling the entire design process in-house. Their design ability in the transportation arena includes but is not limited to concept graphics and videos for automotive, farm tractors, rail, aerospace and marine vehicles. In addition, their capabilities include 3D graphics of complex engineering drawings for vehicles, framework, electrical systems, lighting systems, plastics and components (including things such as engines) and more. Their capabilities also include the design of press tools, industrialization automation, cubing and more. Please see their website for complete details of their capabilities. Aufeer Design created a conceptual Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) design that represent the style of modern luxury and to the romanticism of travelling by air. They take luxury elements from the automotive industry and have projected them into this design. To better emphasize the atmosphere of this experience, they’ve created graphics and videos to showcase their aerospace design capabilities. The TX-0001 two (2) passenger VTOL flying taxi concept is a vision of future mobility technology. Due to autonomous technology, Aufeer Design envisions the occupants of future urban aircraft will simply program their itinerary and enjoy the ride in a futuristic metropolis. To date, we know of no plans from Aufeer Design to develop a working test bed or prototype of this vehicle. This design is simply showing to their clients and potential clients, the ability of their design team to create a beautiful and sleek VTOL aircraft using both graphics and video. References: Search eVTOL news posts Aufeer Design website Video: Autonomous Flying Taxi Concept by Aufeer Design, Aufeer Design, Oct. 3, 2018 Tags: Aufeer Design, Lift + Cruise, Concept VTOL, 2 Passengers, AirTaxi,Autonomous

Vectored Thrust

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