Electric Jet Aircraft
Anderson, Indiana, USA

Electric Jet Aircraft’s VertiCycle is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) hoverbike and a competitor in the GoFly Prize competition.

The VertiCycle appears to use the same lift motors as the company’s EJ-1B jetpack. The cycle has four duct fans providing a combined 784 lb (356 kg) of thrust. The prototype has an open pilot’s seat and roll bar centered above the quad fan arrangement. It is believed to be a hybrid system of gas and batteries. It is surmised that like the EJ-1 roll and balance are controlled by computer while forward, reverse, and yaw maneuvers are manually controlled.


  • Dimensions: With and without pilot: 101.7”diagonal max; 88” wide x 88” long  x 88” tall
  • Propulsion: Electric ducted fans: 4 carbon-fiber, 44” ducts. 4 carbon-fiber, 3-bladed propellers
  • Motor type: 4 25kw electric motors w/400 amp ESCs
  • Energy type: Batteries (LiPo) 40 kwh @ 290 wh/kg
  • Average thrust (250 lbs thrust per duct): 1000.0 lbs (25 kw = 33.5 hp per duct)
  • Net average thrust: 544.5 lbs
  • Net average available thrust for maneuver: 344.5 lbs
  • Pull-weight with wheels on ground/cart: < 28.5 lbs (tested 700 lbs empty weight)
  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Maximum estimated flight time: 31.0 minutes at 88% throttle (Experimental Class – Ultralight = 20.0 minutes)              
  • Maximum range: 25 miles, plus takeoff and landing
  • Noise Output (estimated) at 50 feet: Target: <70 db; currently 80.5 db tested
  • Control System: PixHawk 2.0 (triple) with Android GUI
  • Dimensions, with and w/o pilot: 101.7”diagonal max; 88” wide x 88” long  x 88” tall
  • Pilot maximum weight: 200 lbs
  • Total empty weight: 455.5 lbs Experimental Class /304.0 lbs Ultralight Class 
  • Total empty weight amphibious: Adds up to 60 lbs, plus BRS allow for up to 335.2 lbs and still be Part 103, ducts float.
  • Retro Rocket system
  • Emergency system: Ballistic Parachute
  • Estimated Retail Price: $59,995.00 USD


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