Jaunt Air Mobility
United States

Jaunt Air Mobility is a start-up company founded in May 2018. It is currently raising capital to use slowed-rotor technology developed by Carter Aviation to take part in the Uber Elevate program for flying taxis.

Jaunt is a single-rotor compound helicopter that incorporates a patented rotor system, which enables both VTOL and high-speed flight. The rotor system is capable of reducing the hover RPM to one-third for cruise, which significantly reduces noise and drag. The rotor lift and speed are reduced in accordance with speed until approximately 150 knots, where the wing is providing all the lift and the rotor is completely unloaded and free-spinning to minimize drag.

Jaunt Air Mobility plans to flight test a modified airworthy SRC in 2019, in two configurations: a hybrid version, followed by an eVTOL configuration. The power management system design and integration is being supplied by Portland, Oregon-based Volta Companies, makers of the electric-powered Volta Volaré and four-seat DaVinci aircraft. The flight test data will help in developing the next generation of an all-electric SRC in conformance with Uber’s Elevate urban air mobility requirements.

Additional features of the SRC include design and power management flexibility to meet transportation challenges and fully integrated autonomous flight controls suitable to support FAA flight data acquisition studies.

Jaunt announced it had acquired rights to use the Carter technology at the Vertical Flight Society’s 2019 Autonomous VTOL Technical Meeting and Electric VTOL Symposium.