Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor

TF-2 Tiltrotor
Woburn, Massachusetts, USA

The TF-2 Tiltrotor is a vectored thrust Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft which will transport exchangeable passenger and cargo pods that become the underside of its fuselage.

The Tiltrotor is fixed wing with two wide diameter propellers that tilt vertically for accent and decent and it tractor propellers in flight mode. The electric motors are roughly center of each wing and the outboard wing tilts with the rotors. Adjustable height landing gear are aft of the motors and on the down facing rudder The TF-2 Tiltrotor has a speed of 315 km/h and a range of roughly 500 km with its maximum payload of 500 kg.  It will be autonomous but will have a pilot in the permanent cockpit.

The vehicle would carry and swap out streamlined pods that make up a lower fuselage. These pods could carry up to four passengers or cargo. While landed custom trucks (originally hybrid but ultimately fully electric like the TF) with an automated loading and unloading system and carrying pods behind their cabs would exchange pods with the aircraft within two minutes. With the quick transition and no passengers loading or unloading the cost to operate the vehicle is estimated at $400 hr.

Terrafugia achieved widespread publicity after its first aircraft in 2009; the fixed-wing Terrafugia Transition was billed as “the world’s first practical flying car”. In late 2017 Terrafugia was acquired by the Chinese company Zhejiang Geely, which also owns the Volvo and Lotus car brands. This injected new capital into the Transition production, allowing acceleration in the company’s eVTOL development. The company is studying two competing concepts under the designation of TF-2. These two different designs are a Vectored Thrust Tiltrotor model and a Lift + Cruise model. Both are considered to be compatible with the Uber Elevate concept.

This concept was abandoned in summer 2018 in favor of the TF-2 Lift+Push approach now being pursued. 

Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor and Lift + Push
Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor and Lift + Push Models
Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor
Terrafugia TF-2 Tiltrotor
TF-2 (Lift + Push) and Truck
Terrafugia TF-2 (Lift + Push) and Truck

Proposed Specifications:

Configuration Tiltrotor
Passengers 4
Maximum takeoff weight 7500-8000 lb 3400-3630 kg
Payload with 30 min fuel res 900-1100 lb 410-500 kg
Max cruise speed
170-180 kts 315-333 km/h
Range at max payload
240-300 nm 445-555 km
Cost per flight hour $380-$420

Flight Simulation:



TerrafugiaVectored ThrustInitial Design4 PassengersElectric Hybrid, PilotedVFS Member