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Airis Aerospace
Hamilton, Bermuda

Founded by John F. Narraway in Bermuda, Airis Aerospace has designed the AirisOne five passenger electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) concept aircraft for short distance flights for Urban Air Mobility (UAM). If you know the website for Airis Aerospace, please email news@evtol.news with the link, thank you.

The aircraft will utilize a single 3.7 m (~12 ft, 1.6 in) diameter counter-rotating coaxial lift fan for VTOL flight and a series of eight articulating thrusters for winged forward flight. The VTOL fan assembly has three sets of fans, each fan has nine propeller blades. The estimated cruise speed is  range is 282 km/h (175 mph) and has an estimated range of 322 km (200 miles). The aircraft will be capable of autonomous flight with the level of sophistication that flight autonomy would be adjusted based on the air space regulations where its flying. Safety features will include a whole aircraft ballistic parachute.

The production aircraft would have front gull-winged canopy doors making it easy for wheelchair access. Airis Aerospace is designing the AirisOne with a view to participating in ride-sharing air taxi programs such as Uber Elevate. Airis Aerospace foresees prototype demonstration flights in 2020 with the AirisOne entering commercial service by 2025.



  • Aircraft type: eVTOL passenger aircraft 
  • Piloting: Autonomous 
  • Capacity: 5 passengers 
  • Cruise speed: 282 km/h (175 mph)
  • Range: 322 km (200 miles)
  • VTOL propellers: The VTOL fan assembly has three sets of fans, each fan has 9 propeller blades.
  • Forward flight propellers: 8 articulating thrusters for winged forward flight.
  • Electric Motors: Unknown (possibly 11)
  • Power source: Batteries
  • Fuselage: Carbon fiber
  • Windows: Panoramic windows allowing forward, left, and right visibility, for spectacular views, with a solid roof above the passenger compartment 
  • Wings: Canard wings, with winglets on the rear wing 
  • Landing gear: Fixed tricycle wheeled landing gear 
  • Safety Features: Can land like a plane, has anti-icing capability and has a whole aircraft ballistic parachute
  • Data from February 2018

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