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Neva AirQuadOne

Neva Aerospace Ltd
Falmer, Brighton, UK

Neva Aerospace announced their manned AirQuadOne Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) concept in June 2017. Artwork shows a saddle for a single rider, with two large fans front and rear; two medium-sized fans in each corner that rotate 90 degrees for forward/horizontal thrust; and four small fans along either side of the saddle.

The company says that in 2016 it introduced the world’s first turbofans optimized for static thrust that can power VTOL as well as extended flight times and stable hovering.

According to the website: "AirQuadOne, the first “flying quad”, is a fully-electrical vehicle expected to weigh around 500 kg and carry payloads of up to 100kg. It is expected to be certified under Light Aircraft certification within the USA(FAA) and EU (EASA)."

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