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Autonomous Flight Y6S


Autonomous Flight
Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom

The Autonomous Flight Y6S will be a short range winged and tilt-propeller vehicle designed primarily as an air taxi.

The vehicle has forward fixed wings that also support two tilt-props and a vertical propeller situated at the aft of the fuselage behind a wide set of stabilizers. It is electric and will utilize a lithium battery. The Y6S will carry two passengers at speeds of 113 km/h for a range of 130 km. Altitude is expected to stay around or under 460 m. The vehicle is autonomously piloted. Redundant systems are planned for emergency landings.

The main of the Y6S would be to use it as a short range air taxi, costing the same price per flight as a comparable train ticket. The vehicle is described as being part of an air service that can go from Heathrow airport to Charring Cross in ten minutes.  Autonomous Flight believes mass production will allow prices of about $25,000 or less than the cost of an average car today.

A prototype test flight is planned for the third quarter of 2019 with a manned test flight in the fourth quarter of 2019. Commercial service within the United Kingdom is projected for 2023.

Autonomous Flight has additional plans for a four seat version, the Y6S Plus. An eight passenger aircraft, the AS1, is also proposed.


  • Max Speed: 70 mph / 113 km/hr
  • Cruising Altitude: 1500 ft / 450 m
  • Range: 80 miles / 130 km