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Axix SkyRider SuvA (defunct)

SkyRider SuvA
Axix GP, LLC

The Axix SkyRider SuvA is an autonomous, quad-rotor eVTOL device. It is designed for corporate commute, and will be sold and leased to transportation companies. The top speed of the SkyRider SuvA is 350 mph (563.27 kmh). It will be powered by a Kawasaki Mule engine/CVT and four, quick-charge Tesla Model S induction motors.

The frame is composed of carbon fiber and aluminum to ensure a lightweight empty weight. Cabin dimensions of the SkyRider SuvA are 21 ft x 7 ft (6.4 m x 2.1 m), and it features extra storage for passenger belongings.

The company is currently fundraising and looking for up to 5 million USD.