• Congressional Hearing on “Airspace Integration of New Aircraft”

    The US House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure held a hearing of the Subcommittee on Aviation on “Airspace Integration of New Aircraft” on Sept. 6, 2018.

    Hearing Background Memo

    Witness List:

    • Shelley Yak, Director, FAA Technical Center | Written Testimony
    • Jay Merkel, Deputy Vice President, Program Management, FAA Air Traffic Organization (accompanying Shelley...
  • Joby build NASA's X-57 Maxwell electric cruise motors, but its eVTOL work is being closely held. (NASA/Lauren Hughes)

    Joby Expands in Monterey County

    On Aug. 21, the city council of Marina, California, gave its approval for Joby Aviation to move into two buildings at the Marina Municipal Airport where, according to the Monterey County Weekly, “ they will set about designing and building prototypes of small, electric planes that take off and land vertically, travel faster and more quietly than a helicopter and, according to Joby, do it more safely.” The company will be leasing 74,000...

  • Joby Lotus Featured Image

    Joby Lotus (defunct)

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    The Joby Aviation Lotus was designed in partnership with NASA to demonstrate that a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft would be able to achieve a 24-hour flight endurance. A subscale demonstrator was built but never flown.

    The Lotus was a vectored thrust tricopter with a fixed wing and three propellers. The twin blade wing-tip propellers would fold...

  • Joby S2 at sunset

    Joby S2 (defunct)

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    Joby Aviation’s S2 concept expanded from its two year collaborative study with NASA that resulted in the NASA GL-10, Joby Lotus and joint NASA/Joby LEAPTech concepts.

    The S2 would feature 12 propellers on tiling and folding nacelles with eight on the fixed wing and four on a V-stabilizer/rudder configuration. Aside from accent and decent these would tilt...

  • Advanced VTOL Demonstrators Accelerate Full Tilt

    Joby Aviation S4 eVTOL Tiltprop

    Advanced VTOL Demonstrators Accelerate Full Tilt

    Vertiflite, March/April 2018

    Joby Aviation, Inc., which went silent in late 2016 shortly after telling Vertiflite that it would fly in early 2017 (“The Demand for On-Demand Mobility, Vertiflite, Jan./Feb. 2017),...

  • Joby S4 Featured Image

    Joby S4

    Joby Aviation
    Santa Cruz, California, USA

    The Joby Aviation S4 is a four-seat electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Vehicle using six vector thrust propellers on fixed wings and stabilizers.

    Joby Aviation has been relatively secret with its S4 aircraft. It is believed to be a continuation of the Joby S2 design. Some few computer images of the S4 presented at the 2nd Annual AHS Transformative Vertical...

  • Air Mobility Bonanza Beckons Electric VTOL Developers

    Air Mobility Bonanza Beckons Electric VTOL Developers

    By Richard Whittle

    Vertiflite, Mar-Apr 2017

    In this continuation from last issue’s article, “The Demand for On-Demand Mobility,” Vertiflite reports on companies pursuing visions aligned with Uber’s Elevate White...

  • Greased Lightning

    Lift Where You Need It

    Lift Where You Need It
    Given advances in power generation, storage and control, Distributed Electric Propulsion opens new design opportunities for vertical flight

    By Frank Colucci

    Vertiflite, Nov-Dec 2016

    With rotors, ducted fans and other lift devices powered through wires,...

  • Joby S2 top view

    The Joby S2 VTOL Concept

    The Joby S2 VTOL Concept
    Exploring the New Degrees of Design Freedom of Distributed Electric Propulsion

    By Mark Moore

    Vertiflite, Nov-Dec 2014

    Despite more than 70 years of vertical flight development, there are only three operational...