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Gizio EJ420 ElectroJet (concept aircraft)

EJ420 ElectroJet

The ElectroJet EJ420 concept hybrid-electric twin-rotor rotorcraft is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs a variety of hybrid-VTOL, helicopter and gyrocopter concept aircraft partially based on his helicopter pilot experience and experience in aviation, in general. He does not specify where he lives on his "Contact" web page but we are almost certain he lives in Italy.

The EJ420 is a four (4) passenger rotorcraft with a helicopter type fuselage and the designer foresees the body of the aircraft to be made entirely of aluminum and carbon with thermoplastic panels mounted on it with no rivets or screws of any kind. It is a monocoque structure assembled in one body. The electrical power comes from two (2) turbine engines making electricity for the entire aircraft including instruments and the electric motors to turn the rotorblades. Flying can continue normally if one turbine engine fails during flight.

This concept aircraft has a two (2) sets of rotors, facing downward for maximize rotorblade efficiency, each attached on a variable sweep wing system, capable of moving the rotor system either forward or backward a maximum range of 15 degrees to adjust the center of gravity of the aircraft and is set by the aircraft's computer automatically or manually by the pilot. Each rotor is powered by two (2) electric motors, thus eliminating a heavy transmission and the heavy rotorblade main swashplate its related mechanical parts. Not having a tail rotor eliminates the weight of the shaft powering the tail rotor. This hybrid-electric design reduces the number of moving parts needed, rendering the craft far more efficient.

The cockpit has glass instruments and the cyclic and collective are on joysticks at the end the pilots and copilots arm rests. The cabin is large and contains four comfortable seats. There are emergency back-up batteries providing 5 to 7 minutes of flight time in case both turbine engines fail during flight. The cabin is large and contains four comfortable seats.

To learn how Gino started to develop hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft concepts, please see his DDRH and DDVL web page on eVTOL News here. Note: To the best of our knowledge, scale or full-sized test beds or prototypes have never been created for this aircraft.

Gizio has also been involved in the development of the CellCraft G150CellCraft G450DDRH/DDVLEJ11 ElectroJet.