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Gestalt Aeronauticals VTOL

Gestalt Aeronauticals, Ltd.
New York, NY USA

Gestalt Aeronauticals is developing a low-wing electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) that is hydrogen-powered, eschewing the limitations of batteries. The company is currently in a low profile mode.

Their vehicle resembles a swept-wing fighter jet with twin rudders and a high stabilizer. It has a pusher propeller between the rudders. There is a fixed duct electric fan close in on each wing; the aircraft could be designed to accept two more fixed ducted fans to increase the load for larger payloads. A proprietary system will ensure the “engine tilts and shifts the weight so that the plane is always correctly balanced in flight.” The company reports the aircraft falls into the FAA’s Light-Sports Aircraft (LSA) category and that it will not require a full pilot's license.

Gestalt also has a military concept that carries a detachable bulletproof fighting vehicle carrying two soldiers ready for combat.