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Gizio CellCraft G150 (concept aircraft)

CellCraft G150

The CellCraft G150 hybrid-electric VTOL concept aircraft with ducted fans is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs a variety of hybrid-VTOL, helicopter and gyrocopter concept aircraft based partially on his helicopter pilot experience and experience in aviation, in general. He probably lives in Italy.

This 1 passenger hybrid VTOL has four (4) ducted rotors, three (3) wing surfaces, tricycle landing gear and is envisioned to be powered by a turbine engine which produces the electricity to power the entire electrical needs of this aircraft from the instruments to the eight (8) electric engines powering the ducted fans. If the turbine engine failed, it would have back-up emergency batteries to power the fans for 7 minutes to allow the pilot to land the aircraft safely.

It would have a glass cockpit, voice activated command system, a joystick between the legs for stearing, a collective lever on the left of the seat (for up and down flight), comfortable seating and an open plexiglass dome to help the pilot see all directions.

To learn how Gino started to develop hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft concepts, please see his DDRH and DDVL web page on eVTOL News here. Note: To the best of our knowledge, scale or full-sized test beds or prototypes have never been created for this aircraft.

Gizio has also been involved in the development of the CellCraft G450DDRH/DDVLEJ11 ElectroJet, and EJ420 ElectroJet.