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Gizio CellCraft G450 (concept aircraft)

CellCraft 450

The CellCraft G450 hybrid-electric ducted fans VTOL concept aircraft is the creation of Gino d'Ignazio. Gino is a former helicopter pilot and designs a variety of hybrid-electric VTOL, helicopter and gyrocopter concept aircraft based partially on his helicopter pilot experience and experience in aviation, in general. He probably lives in Italy.

The CellCraft G450 we believe is one of his favorite concept aircraft created in the early 2000s. This concept aircraft would be powered by a turbine engine which would generate all the electricity to run all the electronics on the aircraft including the instruments and powering the electric engines to turn the ducted fans. Using this type of engine configuration would keep the weight down on this aircraft so it would be a more efficient aircraft with less mechanical problems than aircraft using heavy and complicated transmissions and tail rotor shafts.

This concept aircraft has two (2) sets of wings, with two (2) ducted fans at the end of the front wings, and the rear two (2) ducted fans extended from the rear of the fuselage. Each ducted fan having two (2) sets of electric engines. The back wing is on struts above the fuselage and could be considered a parasol wing with wider than normal aerodynamic struts. The concept aircraft has a tricycle landing gear.

Detailing this concept aircraft include these web pages: The Aircraft, the Structure (his link on his main page has the word "Structure", the actual web page has the word "Idea"), the Piloting, the Technology and Safety.

This concept aircraft can hold up to 5 people, can be flown manually by a pilot or autonomously and would have back-up emergency power for 7 to 12 minutes in case the turbine engine fails during flight.

To learn how Gino started to develop hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft concepts, please see his DDRH and DDVL web page on eVTOL News here. Note: To the best of our knowledge, scale or full-sized prototypes have never been made for this aircraft.

Gizio has also been involved in the development of the CellCraft G150DDRH/DDVLEJ11 ElectroJet, and EJ420 ElectroJet.