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Grug Group Ghost X V3

Ghost X V3
Grug Group LLC
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Venezuelan native Aeronautical Engineer Nelson Salas, who recently relocated to the USA, founded Grug Group LLC in 2017. The Grug Group company currently services the aviation industry which includes aircraft sales, aircraft charter services, aircraft parts sales, aviation consulting, aircraft brochure design and creating aviation websites. However, the future main goal for Grug Group is to become a leader of manufacturing electric Vertical and Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, building multiple types models, each with different capacities, characteristics and features, and each made for specific purposes. In accordance with that goal, the Grug Group has also developed the Business eVTOL JetGhost X V1Ghost X V2.2Personal eVTOL Jet, and the SBX.

Grug Group predicts that eVTOL aircraft will replace almost all helicopter operations. The company states their biggest challenge of eVTOL aircraft will be the development of quality electric engines and efficient short propellers. They are currently looking for investors.

Grug Group’s eVTOL plan is as follows:

  • Phase I: Rent adequate hangar and office space, hire necessary personnel, and buy equipment and tools.
  • Phase II: Build scaled mock-ups and scaled flying eVTOL prototypes. Implement a marketing campaign.
  • Phase III: Build full-scaled prototypes. Preform in-depth engineering tests and make necessary modifications. Complete the eVTOL aircraft certification process as each model is completed.
  • Phase IV: Begin manufacturing commercial eVTOL aircraft. Implement a marketing and advertising campaign to promote the sales of the eVTOL aircraft.

This concept eVTOL is named the Ghost X V3. This one (1) passenger aircraft is for a personal air vehicle. Each rotor will have two (2) electric motors to ensure a good margin of safety if one electric motor should fail. The configuration of this aircraft is noticeably different than other Grug Groups concept eVTOL aircraft. There are four (4) sets of fans, parallel to the fuselage and on each side of the fuselage. All of the propellers on each side of the aircraft are shrouded in a long protective housing.

The fuselage is an oval shape with panoramic windows and if you look carefully, one can see a joystick inside the cockpit for controlling the aircraft. All of the graphics show the aircraft using four legs to land on. There has been no indication of the projected price of this aircraft.

All of Grug Group’s eVTOL aircraft will have the following features:

  • 100% Composite fuselage body
  • 100% Electric
  • No liquid fuel use
  • Redundant safety systems
  • Panoramic view windows and doors design
  • Multi-touch avionics display
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Automatic and pilot drive mode
  • 360 Degrees obstacles and terrain proximity alert and collision avoidance system

Ghost X V3 Specifications:

  • Capacity: 1 Passenger
  • Power: 100% Electric
  • Propulsion: 8 Sets of rotors
  • Motor type: Electric engines
  • Avionics: Multi-touch avionics displays
  • Safety feature: Redundant systems for maximum safety